9 BEST Greek Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin has been gaining popularity in recent years for its array and offerings of international foods and upscale dining establishments. Welcoming a variety of cuisine, flavors, and restauranteurs that have arrived from all over the world and made Dublin their home.

A quick walk around the city will provide you with more choices than you can imagine, Indian to Italian, traditional Irish food to Japanese, the selection is wide and varied. 

But if Greek food is your cuisine of choice then Dublin has plenty to offer. Laidback cafes with traditional dining choices and modern Greek food with a twist are all available.

With this fantastic selection available you are bound to find something to satisfy your palette, and as there are many options you will be able to find something that satisfies your wallet too.  

Keep reading and find some of the best Greek restaurants that Dublin has to offer. 

Discover 12 of Dublin’s Best Greek Restaurants

Here are some of the best Greek restaurants Dublin has to offer:

 #1 Corfu

To experience traditional Greek food with authentic taste then head over to the popular Corfu restaurant located in the heart of the city in the thriving Temple Bar area close to Dublin castle. Enjoy a selection of freshly prepared Greek favorites and traditional dishes from this Greek-owned establishment. 

Corfu endeavors to bring the tastes and flavors of Greece to you in their comfortable and upscale surroundings. Choose from menu items of traditional Greek dishes like Moussaka and Souvlaki or select a steak or Irish lamb chops prepared with a traditional Greek flair. The dessert menu also provides typical Greek choices with Baklava and Galaktoboureko.

What is it: Award-winning, traditional, and upscale Greek restaurant offering typical Greek dishes and excellent drinks and wine choices. 

Why people love it: Large portions, knowledgeable serving staff, and the feeling of being actually in Greece that is created by the warm, ambient, decor.

Price: Average

Address: 12 Parliament Street, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland, Temple Bar

 #2 Mykonos Taverna

Located in the South Inner City Mykonos Taverna creates a traditional Greek feeling and offers platters and standard Greek dishes along with a reasonably priced set menu. Other dishes on the menu are priced fairly and Mykonos Taverna offers fresh, standard Greek food in a popular tourist part of the city. 

As the restaurant caters largely to tourists there is a no-frills feel about the place but the portions are large, ingredients are fresh, and the staff is very friendly. 

This establishment is fully Greek-owned and makes its own ice-cream right on the premises, along with selections of traditional soups, stews, and standard Grecian dishes that are designed to offer an authentic Mediterranean experience.    

What is it: Reasonably priced, tourist-friendly, authentic Greek restaurant to suit the budget-conscious. 

Why people love it: Large portions and platters served at very reasonable prices. 

Price: Bargain

Address: 76 Dame St, Dublin 2, Ireland

#3 Kostas Greek Restaurant

This small and friendly restaurant offers Greek food that caters to Vegans, Vegetarians and also provides Gluten-Free options for its diners. Located in the popular Temple Bar area of Dublin this restaurant caters to tourists and locals alike. The folks at Kostas provide selections of traditional Greek dishes and Mediterranean fare for its guests. 

Though the premises are quite compact you will receive a warm and friendly welcome from the staff. Friday night visitors can enjoy a special set menu and all meals may be complemented with wine or a drink from the bar. 

What is it: Small and friendly locations frequented by tourists and locals for fairly priced Greek food.

Why people love it: Large portions, reasonable prices, and set menus. 

Price: Average

Address: 69 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland, South Inner City

#4 Ramos

image of ramos

This tiny food court restaurant provides a healthy sample of Greek cuisine. At lunchtime guests and shoppers can stop by Ramos and take advantage of the very reasonably priced and all-inclusive buffet to sample traditional Greek food such as Mousakka and Stuffed Vine Leaves. 

This restaurant is nothing overly elaborate or elegant but provides good, nicely cooked food at reasonable prices. Located in the North Inner City this place is more of a quick stop lunch style cafe than a dinner destination. This restaurant provides very good value for money and doesn’t skimp on the menu providing traditional favorites, and traditional Greek dishes. 

What is it: A standard of the Epicurean food hall providing healthy food and a good selection of menu items.

Why people love it: Very reasonable prices, a lunchtime buffet. 

Price: Bargain

Address: Lotts Ln, Dublin 1, Republic of Ireland. North Inner City

#5 Yeeros/EatGreek

Super modern Greek bistro with a menu variety of traditional and more eclectic Greek dishes. Select your preferred meal from the large menu board above the counter and sit in the light, bright cafe area of Yeeros. Try one of the gyros which are one of the most popular menu items and there are lots of vegetarian choices on the menu for non-meat eaters. 

EatGreek aims to provide a friendly and warm service to its visitors and serves freshly prepared and reasonably priced food in a clean and modern atmosphere. They also offer some nice discounts on delivery or food ordered for collection.

What is it: Friendly Greek cafe with reasonable prices and good service

Why people love it: Good selection of Greek dishes and vegetarian options.

Price: Budget

Address: 19 Prospect Rd, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Dublin, Ireland

#6 Keshk Cafe

For a dining experience that is a little more upscale try the Keshk Cafe. This restaurant creates its dishes based on a mix of Turkish, Egyptian, Mediterranean and Greek cuisine using fresh vegetables and healthy food choices to design its menu. Select from choices of meats and fish with options ranging from charcoal to grilled cooking.

This warm and friendly restaurant provides different menus for lunch and dinner times and has a decent selection of vegetarian options for its visitors. Keshk Cafe offers a BYOB service for your wine and does not charge a service or corkage fee so you may enjoy a glass of your favorite tipple with your meal. This is a nice place to go for a casual night out or a date. 

What is it: North African/Mediterranean restaurants with a wide choice of dishes based on several cuisines. 

Why people love it: Nice relaxed atmosphere and variety of menu choices including vegetarian dishes.

Price: Pricey

Address: 71 Mespil Road, Dublin 4

#7 Cornucopia

As long-standing and eclectic vegetarian restaurant located on Wicklow St. Though not strictly a Greek restaurant its menu does include items from that and many other cuisines.

Cornucopia is an ethical business whose aim is to have a minimal impact on the planet while serving up top-quality dishes. Embracing such concepts as reduced packaging and zero waste. 

The menu offerings at Cornucopia are rich and varied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus created separately and a drinks menu that includes a great selection of fresh and healthy juices. Try the red pepper enchilada or rice noodles with samphire for a unique and eclectic taste.

What is it: Environmentally conscious vegetarian restaurant. 

Why people love it: Great variety of menus that pull from various cuisines and healthy raw pressed juices. 

Price: Pricey

Address: 19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

#8 Brother Hubbard

This popular location leans more towards Middle Eastern food but gets a mention on this list due to its hugely popular Breakfast and Brunch menu.

No reservations are available at these times with Brother Hubbard’s offering a walk-in only policy. Reservations may be made for dinnertime seating. 

Select from healthy menu options like avo and eggs, sample organic porridge and select a drink or tea by the pot from the good selection available.

Located just off Camden St this location became a fast favorite with visitors and locals alike that come to enjoy the healthy, freshly prepared dishes.

What is it: Popular Mediterranean style cafe with healthy menu options and a good tea selection.

Why people love it: Fresh and well-prepared breakfasts and brunch menu with many options.

Price: Average

Address: 46 Harrington St, Dublin 8, Ireland.

#9 The Cedar Tree

A popular night time spot with locals and tourists is the Cedar Tree restaurant. This warm and cozy spot offers Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine that is prepared freshly to order for its guests.

This is a perfect location to hold a celebration or a night out with friends and has a separate lunch and dinner menu.  

The Mezze is not to be missed and provides a selection of flavors, colors and menu items to whet the appetite. Favorites like hummus and baba ghanoush are included as well as a variety of meats and fish.

The Cedar Tree bakes its own bread on the premises and the smells of fresh baking waft around you as soon as you walk into the establishment. 

What is it: Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant with great Mezze choices. 

Why people love it: Homemade bread selection and freshly prepared food dishes.

Price: Pricey

Address: 11 St Andrews St, Dublin 2, Ireland

Common Dublin Greek Resturant Questions

Answers to some of the more commonly asked questions that you may have if visiting a Greek restaurant for the first time. 

Are there Vegetarian/Vegan Options Available?

There are several restaurants on this list that supply vegetarian, vegan and some gluten-free options. Check the restaurant’s menu before you visit to confirm the availability of food choices.

Is Alcohol Served?

Many of these cafes and restaurants provide a full-service bar, some do not and may offer a BYOB service for those that wish to bring their own drinks. 

What is Mezze?

A serving of small plates combining colors and flavors designed to whet the appetite similar to Spanish Tapas. 

Best Greek Restaurants in Dublin for…?

Each of the restaurants on this list has a good reputation for offering traditional or not so traditional Greek food. But depending on who you are going out with or the company your in you may be looking for a location that’s lively and vibrant or quiet and romantic. 

To assist you with restaurant selection on your visit to Dublin here is are the locations that are suitable for:


Keshk Cafe – this lovely restaurant prides itself on being just a bit more upscale than some of its competitors and this makes it an ideal setting for a romantic dinner or even a first date. The menu choice is wide and varied with something that will suit every palette. 

Meat, fish, and vegetarian options are available and while some might think that the no-alcohol policy does not facilitate a romantic evening this establishment gets around that neatly by offering a BYOB service for those that would like to enjoy a cheeky red with their meal. 

To add the experience the staff is friendly and attentive and the atmosphere and decor more than makes up for the lack of booze.


If a night out with the boys or the girls is on the cards then head for Mykonos Taverna. This friendly establishment promises to bring a bit of Greece to you with its food and traditional greek decor of white and blue. While not an extremely large venue it is very friendly. 

For large groups, you will want to book in advance but you are sure to enjoy the traditional Greek dishes and attentive serving staff at this local favorite. 


For the non-meat eaters among you, the Cornucopia Cafe will cater to your every food requirement with its good selection of Greek and Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the varied selection of food from the different menus specially created for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For the health-conscious Cornucopia also offers hand made juices and a selection of freshly brewed herbal teas. Perfect for enjoying a guilt-free repast.

Greek Resturants in Dublin Conclusion

No matter if you are in the market for a raucous night out or a quiet, intimate evening that features Greek food, Dublin has got you covered.

Each of its Greek restaurants has something a bit different, offering a twist, or a flair that will suit a variety of diners. 

But we want to know what you think, did we catch all the best Greek restaurants in Dublin or are we missing out on some?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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