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10 Best Pilgrimages in Ireland

With a designated National Pilgrim Paths Day, over 3,000 holy wells and a Pilgrim passport, Ireland is undoubtedly a spiritual land with lots of places to see and do The number of Irish saints exceeds 150 and, most of them take the place of honour each year. Thousands of Christian […]

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7 Amazing Things To Do in Ireland with Kids

When planning your vacation to Ireland there are a whole host of activities and adventures to be found for adults. Ride along the Wild Atlantic Way, take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher or enjoy one of the many scenic areas that Ireland has to offer. Not to […]

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13 Most Romantic Places in Ireland

Ireland has long been regarded as a country of poetry, eloquent speakers, and romance,  with famous poets and authors such as W.B. Yeats and James Joyce being well-known sons of the Emerald Isle. Maybe it’s because of these masters of the written word, or perhaps it is because of the […]

londonderry ireland

9 Things To Do in Londonderry

Many of these articles are about the best things to do or places to go, due to its size, many of these articles revolve around activities and attractions in southern Ireland. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best things to do in Northern Ireland […]

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Best Monasteries in Ireland You NEED To Visit

A large part of Ireland’s history is inextricably intertwined with religion. From early settlers to present day Ireland has a long, and sometimes not always easy, relationship with different belief systems. No wonder then that there are so many examples of churches, abbeys, monasteries and other religious buildings throughout the […]

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12 AWESOME Things To Do in Northern Ireland

As we have seen through many of the different articles contained on this website Ireland is, without doubt, a unique and fascinating country with a variety of landscapes, activities, and entertainment on offer for even the most discerning of travelers. Northern Ireland has much to see in terms of tourist […]

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20 AWESOME Things to Do in Antrim

Known in the North as the ‘Glens,’ Antrim brought God to Saint Patrick, discouraged a Scottish giant and was the main home to Game of Throne. A fascinating background that made us wonder what was so spectacular. Northern Ireland hides some of the most magnificent sceneries in the world, but […]

killarney at night

15 Awesome Things to Do in Killarney at Night

With more than 1,100,000 visitors every year, Killarney is one of Ireland’s biggest tourist draws. It’s easy to see why! Take a list of the top reasons to travel to Ireland, and you’ll be able to do most in or around Killarney. Some of the sites and attractions are great […]

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40 FREE Things to Do in Ireland When on a Budget

For travelers, budget restrictions often influence the destination. Luckily, some of the greatest parts of Ireland won’t cost you a penny.  From unspoiled places to great wonders, Over in Ireland guides you to a cost-free journey across the country. The country is mistakenly reputed for being an expensive place to […]

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20 WEIRD and UNUSUAL Things to Do in Ireland

If you are looking for bizarre and weird experiences, what about a country where goats are crowned kings, Leprechauns have legal protection, and a magic road pulls your car uphill? From Celtic legends to haunted grounds, curing wells to holistic gardens, Ireland does not lack mysterious tales. Despite the History […]