15 BEST Pizza Restaurants in Dublin

Is there anything better than a slice of good pizza? We don’t think so! This delectable food staple has become one of the most popular choices for dinner worldwide.

Pizza is the perfect meal to go with a night in front of the TV, a get together with friends, or a bite to eat on the way home from a night on the town – especially if you are a bit worse for wear!

A pizza made of a warm toasty crust, smeared with a tasty sauce, gooey cheese, and toppings of your choice always seems to hit the gastronomic spot. From pepperoni to pineapple, deep-pan to thin and crispy.

Whatever your own particular pizza preference maybe we have compiled a list of some of the best-loved pizza joints in Dublin that should satisfy your tastebuds.

1. Forno 500

What’s in a name? Forno 500 acquired its name from the traditional forno oven and the high temperatures used to create this establishment’s style of pizza cooking. It is based on the methods used by the best pizzerias in Naples, Italy. 

The forno oven is the center of the location’s operation. Built by Italian artisans who had to be convinced to fly to Ireland to install their creation. The process took 10 days to complete and used traditional building methods and materials. 

What is it – The restaurant has an extensive selection of lunch, dinner, cocktail and pre-set menus available, and the location has a laid back but modern, tasteful feel. Great place to grab lunch or have an informal business meeting

Price – Above average

Address – 74 Dame St, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

2. Pi

Pi Pizza touts themselves as ‘wood fired pizza fundamentalists’ and are simply dedicated to creating the best pizza in the world. The chef, Reggie White, discovered his passion for pizza while training at cookery school and even built a pizza oven in his own back yard.

After much experimentation and knockdown and rebuild of the oven, he perfected his formula. Now Pi creates pizzas using top-quality ingredients sourced from artisanal producers to provide the best possible flavor. 

Pizzas are cooked for 1 minute at 500 degrees to create the perfect crust  Pi keeps things simple and has a menu of pizza and drinks with several vegetarian and vegan options. 

What is it – A cool and modern looking Pizza restaurant with a light, bright, and airy feel. Quality pizza from a carefully selected menu and a range of beers and wines are available to accompany your meal. 

Price – Average

Address – 73 – 83 South Great George’s Street, Dublin

3. Paulie’s

This casual dining restaurant offers a lively and friendly atmosphere with great pizza created from good quality imported ingredients. Paulie’s has been serving up pizza in Dublin for a number of years and has become a local favorite. 

Try one of their specialty created pizza’s or select from one of the homemade pasta dishes. There is even a couple of vegetarian offerings for non-meat eaters and there is a range of drinks and cocktail choices available including a selection of wines.

What is it – Compact casual dining restaurant with a family feel. Quality dishes at reasonable prices with a decent selection of pizza, pasta, and antipasti. Slightly higher than normal pizza joint prices but that is reflected in the quality of the dishes. 

Price – Above Average

Address – 58 Upper Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4

4. Dublin Pizza Company

The folks at Dublin Pizza Company take their pizza seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they undertook a trip to Naples, Italy to work with some of the best pizza chefs in the country. Using the knowledge learned from the Italian chefs they set up their own pizza place in Dublin with a view to bringing the taste of real Italian pizza to the city.

With their attention focused on providing the best authentic quality pizza, a traditional woodfired oven was installed in the kitchen and Dublin Pizza even grows some of its own organic ingredients right there on the premises. The goal is to ensure the best possible tasting pizza for its customers.

What is it – A modern and fresh pizza company with an eye for quality and sustainability. The menu is not extensive but kept to a small good selection of pizza and sides. 

Price – Above Average

Address – 58 Upper Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4

5. Manifesto

This award-winning and upscale restaurant serves authentic pizza creations with sourced food from Ireland and Italy. The chef is from the southern region of Italy and has designed a menu that is 100% coeliac and gluten-friendly. Pasta, bread, and desserts are all made fresh every day. 

Manifesto has won gold medals at the World Pizza Championships for their creations and the menu is extensive, offering not only pizza but other Italian specialties and favorites. The majority of the staff are Italian and have excellent knowledge of their home country’s food. 

What is it – An elegant and upscale restaurant that offers pizza and other Italian dishes prepared by a highly experienced chef. A perfect place for a romantic evening out or a quiet meal with friends. 

Price – Expensive

Address – 58 Upper Grand Canal Street, Dublin 4

6. Osteria Lucio

This tasteful and contemporary restaurant was the result of a collaboration between an Italian and Irish chef. Dedicated to quality food created by using only slow grown ingredients to give the best possible flavor, Osteria Lucio has fast become a haunt for pizza and foodies from all over Dublin. 

Menus on offer include an a la carte dinner menu, a lunch menu, and a pre-theater menu for those wanting to stop off for dinner before taking in a show. Menus are well thought out with a good selection of meal and wood-fired pizza choices. 

What is it – A modern and hip restaurant that’s great for date night or a pre-theater dinner with a nice variation of menus. There is also a good selection of cocktails and a nice wine list with choices of reds, whites, and sparkling wines to choose from.  

Price – Expensive

Address – The Malting Tower, Grand Canal Quay, Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin

7. Dave’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Not so much a restaurant as a food truck, well ok, a whole fleet of food trucks! Chef Dave finished his cooking training in 2008 and then went on a trip across Europe. Here he discovered authentic Italian pizza cooked using traditional methods and ingredients.

Knowing that he wanted to bring these recipes back to Ireland Dave bought his first food truck and Dave’s Wood Fired Pizza Company was born. This operation has rapidly grown into a whole fleet of food trucks that provide pizza around the west Dublin area, private party or events catering.

What is it – A larger than normal food truck operation bringing pizza to Dublin. Food is prepared using traditional methods that can be traced back to Roman times and a special natural wild yeast is incorporated into the pizza crust to give the best flavor. 

Price – Below Average

Address – Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland.

8. Caffe Amorro

Caffe Amorro opened its doors in 2015 makes pizza and pasta meals for its loyal and hungry guests. The restaurant team strives to bring the authentic tastes of Naples to Dublin with their menu creations. 

This small establishment has a slightly rustics and friendly feel and all of their bread, pasta, and pizza bases are cooked fresh daily on the premises. There are seperate menus for meals, specials, lunch and brunch offerings and they even do quite a good breakfast menu. 

What is it– A friendly and small cafe style restaurant with a rustic feel that serves authentic Italian pizza and meals. Ingredients are shipped in from Italy daily to ensure a true Italian taste.

Price – Above Average

Address – 59 South Great George’s Street, Dublin, Ireland

9. Da Mimmos

This is a family-run restaurant that boasts that they provide the most authentic Italian food in Dublin. This is the result of dishes being developed carefully over many years and with much care and experimentation. 

Da Mimmo’s has been described by local publications as an ‘Italian Gem’ and is well known for its wood-fired pizzas and other authentic Italian menu creations. They offer a great set lunch menu for a reasonable price and the specials board changes daily if you are looking for something a little bit different. 

What is it – An authentic Italian family-run restaurant that has a very good range of meal choices at a great value. Choose from one of the many pizza creations or enjoy a more traditional pasta dish. There is also a comprehensive wine list offering a good selection for diners to choose from. 

Price – Average

Address – 148 N Strand Rd, North Dock, Dublin

10. Luigi Malones

A lovely modern and elegant restaurant decorated in cool blues with exposed brick and providing a relaxed, elegant atmosphere for its diners. Luigi Malones has a menu that is more eclectic than you would expect from your traditional pizza joint and here you can find many meals to suit your taste.

There is a selection of pizza, salads, steaks, burgers, fajitas, and specials to choose from and the dessert menu is well worth a try. Choose from mouth-watering treats like Toblerone and Butterscotch Cheesecake or Strawberry and Chocolate Pavlova. 

What is it – A clean and inviting modern establishment with a menu that offers a wide choice including many vegetarian options. There is a good choice of wines and drinks available and a nice selection of daily chef’s specials. 

Price – Above Average

Address – 5 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

11. Di Fontaine’s

A pizza joint in the middle of Dublin with owners that resided in New York City for many years and brought that authentic taste back to Ireland. In true American style, the pizza is good, the pizza is big.

Large slices are available to try and Di Fontaine’s even creates a massive 20-inch pie, great for families to share or parties. The location is bright and clean and looks like a typical red and white USA pizza parlor.

It stays open until late every night and participates in the charitable Pay it Forward program. You pay for an extra slice of pizza along with your order and Di Fontaines staff will give that slice to someone in need at another time. 

What is it – An authentic New York Style pizza restaurant with extra-large pizza’s available and pizza by the slice on sale. There is also a create your own pizza option if you want specific items on your pie. 

Price – Average

Address –  22 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin

12. Base WFP

Base WFP or Wood Fired Pizza strives to create the perfect pizza using Neopolitan methods and quality ingredients. The emphasis at Base WFP is firmly focussed on quality, relationships, and service.

The owner Shane Crilly spent time in Italy working alongside Italian cooks and learned the art of making the perfect pizza. Everything the make promised to be free from coloring, preservatives and any artificial flavoring, believing this to be the best way to create the gourmet pizzas which they offer. 

What is it – A trendy pizza place creating gourmet pizza offering and several vegetarian options. Base WFP is also very conscious of special food requirements and there is extensive and detailed menu information to highlight items that are gluten-free or contain nuts, milk or fish.

Price – Above Average

Address – 92 Terenure Rd E, Terenure, Dublin

13. Star Pizza

Star Pizza is a basic no-frills pizza place that offers good pizza in a variety of sizes. Depending on your needs you can select any pizza on the menu in a 9, 12, or 16-inch pie. Everything is made using fresh vegetables and spices and you may also place any orders online. 

The menu is decent with a selection of pizzas, kid’s meals, chicken dishes, starters, and all-day specials. There are also a variety of meals deals on offer that provided set combinations of pizza, sides, and drinks.

What is it – A typical pizza parlor that has no fuss or extras, just good fresh food prepared in house daily. Star Pizza will also cater for your business meeting or special event. 

14. Ray’s Pizza

A nice traditional Italian looking pizza restaurant that’s comfortable and friendly and offers pizza by the slice, meal deals and more. There is even a breakfast pizza if you need to grab a slice and go with your morning coffee. 

Ray’s Pizza pies are on the larger size and come in 12, 16, and even a massive 21-inch pie, perfect for watching the game with the guys. There is also a good choice of burgers on Ray’s menu that is a popular choice with regulars.

What is it – More of a grab and eat than a stay and linger style restaurant with good wholesome, hearty food served in larger than average portions. 

Price – Average

Address – 2 Fownes Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin

15. Credo

Credo has been inspired to simply make pizza better, that’s their motto, and they do everything they can to stick to it. Including having all their menu creations designed by award-winning Italian pizza chef, Francesco. 

Credo sources all of their ingredients for the freshest, organic tastes. Much of their produce is locally sourced but their flour to make their signature thin and crispy pizza base is imported specially from Italy. In addition, they assure that all of their products are fresh and never frozen to achieve maximum freshness.

What is it – A modern take on the traditional Italian kitchen with much attention given to responsible sourcing of the best produce and ingredients. 

Price – Above Average

Address – 19 Montague Street, Off Harcourt Street, Dublin 2

16. Four Star Pizza

A popular pizza delivery franchise chain in the Dublin area with a number of stores across the city of Dublin and the rest of Ireland. Even though this is technically a chain of restaurants visitors can still be assured that all of the items are fresh and prepared daily in house. 

Four Star Pizza strives to bring a truly authentic pizza experience to its customers and it started life as a Pittsburgh company. Several years down the line Four Star Pizza is now a wholly Irish owned organization. 

What is it – A pizza delivery chain with multiple locations across the city that provides reasonably priced food delivered to your door. Four Star Pizza will also cater to special events and private parties.

Price – Below Average

Address – Multiple locations across Dublin and Ireland 


From this list, we can draw the conclusion that Dubliners love their pizza. There is no shortage of pizza parlors, restaurants, or take-outs across the city.

Whether you are looking for traditional pizza in a Neopolitan style or an extra-large New York pie, one of the restaurants on this list will fit the bill. Everything from modern and upscale to traditional and rustic can be found on these listings.

The majority of these eateries will also offer specialized food options like vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals. For any other dietary requirements, it is best to check the menu.


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