Author: Emma Hersh

picture of ireland vs canada

Ireland vs Canada: Which Country is Best to Live In?

Perhaps you have been debating recently about moving and living in a whole new country. Having lived in Canada my entire life, I always thought that Canada was one of the best countries to live in. However, after visiting Ireland twice in the past couple of years, I would get […]

is dublin safe

Is Dublin Safe for Tourists?

With over 9 million visitors per year pouring into Ireland there is no doubt that it has become a popular tourist destination. Many tourists come to see the beautiful scenery, the coastal drives, experience the rich history, or simply to discover their own heritage.  Many of the visitors to Ireland […]

how much to tip in ireland

How Much Should You Tip in Ireland?

Many visitors will arrive on Ireland’s soil from the USA as many Americans can trace their ancestry, roots, or family back to the Emerald Isle.  As most people know, tipping is a way of life in the USA but is that the same in other places. As it is customary […]

Best Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

14 Best Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

As people have evolved and understood some of the detrimental effects of mass food processing there has been a growing requirement for healthier eating establishments.  If you are visiting Ireland’s capital city of Dublin and want to make sure that you are keeping your food choices healthy then some of […]

BEST Greek Restaurants in Dublin

9 BEST Greek Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin has been gaining popularity in recent years for its array and offerings of international foods and upscale dining establishments. Welcoming a variety of cuisine, flavors, and restauranteurs that have arrived from all over the world and made Dublin their home. A quick walk around the city will provide you […]

best pizza restaurants dublin

15 BEST Pizza Restaurants in Dublin

Is there anything better than a slice of good pizza? We don’t think so! This delectable food staple has become one of the most popular choices for dinner worldwide. Pizza is the perfect meal to go with a night in front of the TV, a get together with friends, or […]

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7 Amazing Things To Do in Ireland with Kids

When planning your vacation to Ireland there are a whole host of activities and adventures to be found for adults. Ride along the Wild Atlantic Way, take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher or enjoy one of the many scenic areas that Ireland has to offer. Not to […]

travel to ireland cheap

Cheapest Time to Travel to Ireland [Travel Guide]

Ireland is an amazingly popular country and in recent years the tourism trade has boomed. There are around 9 million people a year that drive, fly, ferry or travel by whatever means available to visit this beautiful country with its famous and iconic landmarks. Visitors come to see the wide […]

featured image of 13 Most Romantic Places in Ireland

13 Most Romantic Places in Ireland

Ireland has long been regarded as a country of poetry, eloquent speakers, and romance,  with famous poets and authors such as W.B. Yeats and James Joyce being well-known sons of the Emerald Isle. Maybe it’s because of these masters of the written word, or perhaps it is because of the […]

londonderry ireland

9 Things To Do in Londonderry

Many of these articles are about the best things to do or places to go, due to its size, many of these articles revolve around activities and attractions in southern Ireland. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best things to do in Northern Ireland […]