picture of ireland vs canada

Ireland vs Canada: Which Country is Best to Live In?

Perhaps you have been debating recently about moving and living in a whole new country. Having lived in Canada my entire life, I always thought that Canada was one of the best countries to live in. However, after visiting Ireland twice in the past couple of years, I would get […]

is dublin safe

Is Dublin Safe for Tourists?

With over 9 million visitors per year pouring into Ireland there is no doubt that it has become a popular tourist destination. Many tourists come to see the beautiful scenery, the coastal drives, experience the rich history, or simply to discover their own heritage.  Many of the visitors to Ireland […]

picture of male drinking in ireland

Drinking Laws in Ireland: 9 Things You Need To Know

With Guinness producing 3 million pints a day, 25 whiskey distilleries spread across the country and about 7,000 pubs, alcohol is definitely part of the Irish culture.   What’s the legal drinking age in Ireland? Can you drink in public spaces? Can you buy alcohol any time of day? When […]

how to drink guiness

How to Drink Guinness Properly

With 1.8 billion pints sold every year, a presence in 150 countries and 49 breweries, Guinness does not need an introduction anymore. Instead, let’s delve into the essence of the ‘black stuff’ and learn how to master the perfect pour. Success does not come without passion; Guinness is no exception. […]

how much to tip in ireland

How Much Should You Tip in Ireland?

Many visitors will arrive on Ireland’s soil from the USA as many Americans can trace their ancestry, roots, or family back to the Emerald Isle.  As most people know, tipping is a way of life in the USA but is that the same in other places. As it is customary […]

travel to ireland cheap

Cheapest Time to Travel to Ireland [Travel Guide]

Ireland is an amazingly popular country and in recent years the tourism trade has boomed. There are around 9 million people a year that drive, fly, ferry or travel by whatever means available to visit this beautiful country with its famous and iconic landmarks. Visitors come to see the wide […]

picture of claddaugh ring

How To Wear a Claddagh Ring + 20 INTERESTING Facts

Symbols have defined humans’ emotions and character for millenaries; tattoos, jewellery, even emoji are all used for self-expression. How did, then, a Roman ring become one the most iconic attribute of Ireland? Despite its vast directory of genius poets, idyllic landscapes, legendary fairy-tales and enchanting Celtic rituals, Ireland does not […]

drone in ireland

9 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Drone in Ireland

9 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Drone in Ireland and How to Avoid Persecution Preparing to travel with a drone is a cultural journey itself as each government has its own regulation. The Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and Rockets Order S.I. 563 of December 2015 has stated Ireland amongst […]

picture of romans

Romans in Ireland. Did they ever invade?

They were known for their power and military prowess and to onlookers at the time, seemed close to world domination. But did the Romans ever invade Irish territory or extend their military efforts to the country? In this article we will take a brief look at Irish history and examine […]