14 Best Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

As people have evolved and understood some of the detrimental effects of mass food processing there has been a growing requirement for healthier eating establishments. 

If you are visiting Ireland’s capital city of Dublin and want to make sure that you are keeping your food choices healthy then some of the restaurants on this list should bring you meals and offerings that are suitable.

All of these locations pride themselves on catering to healthier eating, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free food preparation as well as more standard dishes for the meat-eating diner.

1. The Fat Fox

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The Fat Fox has been operating in Dublin since 2016 and is currently undergoing a bit of a refurbishment, promising to come back bigger and better to serve its customers. This restaurant is located in Dublin 8 and is nestled away on a side street of the city. 

By creating a heavy social media presence the folks at Fat Fox have built a loyal following. What started off as a local friendly coffee shop has blossomed into a full-service all-day eatery and is taking over new premises. 

What is it? – An eclectic and friendly coffee shop that welcomes all visitors and is an avid supporter of charities and groups like Gay Pride. Fat Fox does much to educate its visitors and provides a couple of different workshops to share their knowledge of food and drink. 

The coffee workshop provides training and education on coffee preparation, from sourcing beans to brewing the perfect cup. While the baking workshop shows attendees how to bake and decorate cakes.

Why People Love It – This establishment prides itself on creating a welcoming haven for its customers, making every effort to get to know many of them on first name terms.

Price – Low to Average

Address – 38 Camden Row, Portobello, Dublin 8, Ireland

2. Happy Food

Advertising itself as a plant-based restaurant Happy Food has become a popular choice for tourists and visitors alike. It offers a good menu of food choices that offer a varied range of different dishes depending on whether you are visiting for breakfast, lunch or brunch. 

Breakfast dishes and smoothies, red curries and bean burgers, and poke bowls and banoffee pie are all on the menu at this 100% vegetarian restaurant. They also offer a variety of healthy shakes and smoothies which are popular. 

What Is It? – A completely vegetarian and plant-based establishment with a great selection of menus and choice of dishes. Starters, sides, dessert are all on offer and the menu has been created to satisfy many varied tastes

Why People Love It – Just the sheer selection of meals and the variety of food appeals to anyone that is following a plant-based diet. Happy Food strives to make its eclectic menu varied and appetizing. So much that even if you are not vegetarian you are bound to find a meal you will enjoy. 

Price – Average

Address – 5-8 Camden Court, Dublin 2, D02 X284, Ireland

3. Little Bird

Somewhere along the line, someone had the great idea of combining a cafe with a yoga studio. Genius! Little Bird is a small eatery that is the welcoming entrance to the attached yoga studio. 

This quaint and friendly place offers coffees, and simple yet tasty dishes many of which are vegetarian and gluten-free. There are also several vegan choices on the menu. So if you are looking for a healthy meal before or after your yoga workout Little Bird supplies the ideal solution. 

What Is It? – A friendly cafe with gluten-free and vegetarian dishes that cater to the patrons of the attached yoga studio. Of course, if you’re simply passing by and fancy a coffee you can do that too. The coffee is good quality and the staff is welcoming.

Why People Love It – The perfect situation of being attached to the Yoga studio makes Little Bird perfect for many busy professionals or mums on the go. Guests love the convenience of being able to grab a snack or a drink after their workout. 

Price – Budget

Address – 82 S Circular Rd, Portobello, Dublin 8, Ireland

4. Staple Foods

As their website clearly states Staple Foods is all about bringing fresh and delicious fast food to the people of Ireland. You can dine in the restaurant or order any of the menu items to go, and the choice is great. 

Food offerings focus on providing healthy options for breakfasts, natural treats, warm grain bowls, hot pots, and natural salads. Staple Foods also has a wide selection of beverages from freshly brewed herbal teas to a hand-created range of smoothies. 

If you need to grab your lunch on the go then Staple Foods works with many local delivery partners so you can order your food online and have it delivered to your home or office. 

What Is It? – A healthy food restaurant with great salad bowl and smoothie options for health-conscious diners. This establishment caters to all comers with some items on the menu being vegetarian or gluten-free. 

Why People Love It – The food is amazing and the staff friendly The wide choice of food items is what makes Staple Foods so appealing to its customers. If you are a meat-eater or a plant-based foodie there is something on this menu that will satisfy your palette. 

Price – Average

Address – 24A Grattan St, Dublin 2, D02 P891, Ireland

5. Blazing Salads

The name says it all. This cleverly named eatery provides a selection of healthy salads and other tasty items. The folks at Blazing Salads strive to let their customers know exactly what they are eating and all menu items include a tagline to state whether the dish is sugar-free, gluten, free or vegan, making it clear if any items contain milk or eggs.

To educate their patrons Blazing Salads also offer a number of classes that customers may attend to learn more about food preparation. There are a number of vegetarian food classes available throughout the year which focuses on various food items or seasonal fare. 

What Is It? – A friendly and local restaurant that offers much in the way of education to its patrons providing vegetarian food classes in a welcoming atmosphere. Menu choices are varied and attention is placed on clear descriptions of the content of their dishes. 

Why People Love It – It promises an experience like no other for its customers and has a good variety of plant-based or vegan items on the menu. Blazing Salads are also somewhat famous for their Christmas nut roasts which can only be purchased from their location. 

Price – Average

Address – 42 Drury St, Dublin 2, Ireland

6. Bibi’s

This neighborhood cafe focuses its efforts on providing breakfast, lunch, and brunch offerings to its customers. The owners of Bibi’s, a brother and sister team, strive to create an ever-changing menu that is creative and uses prime produce in an effort to create a unique dining experience for guests.

The menu contains freshly baked pastry items and homemade bread along with pan-toasted sandwiches and a selection of coffee and fresh teas. This cafe is not exclusively gluten-free or vegetarian but offers a nice range of healthy food choices. 

What Is It? – Small and local neighborhood cafe with a rustic and homely feel. Fresh food prepared from products inspired by the seasonal variety and incorporating a creative flair. 

Why People Love It – It’s a great place to stop for a coffee or a quick bite and you never know what might be on the menu. The changing selection gives customers a chance to try various dishes. 

Price – Average

Address – 14A Emorville Ave, Wood Quay, Dublin, 8, Ireland

7. Fallon and Byrne

This establishment has been operating for 12 years and models itself as more of a food hall than simply just a restaurant. Fallon and Byrne have been the winner of awards such as ‘best food shop’ and ‘best bakery’ and has become known over the years as a bit of a foodie mecca. 

Spread over 4 floors it includes a wine cellar, food hall and the restaurant, which has now spread out and has a couple of other locations. It caters weddings, home or office events, private parties, offer custom-designed hampers and a selection of hand-designed cakes. 

Menu offerings are designed with the food lover firmly in mind and have a selection of dishes created with top-quality ingredients like duck,  foie gras, oysters, steaks, lamb and pan-seared trout. 

What Is It? – An upscale restaurant that offers fine wines and fine seasonal fare to its visitors. Menus are extremely varied offering a la carte selections for lunch and dinner along with specially created menus for groups and private parties. 

Why People Love It – It is a great location and lovely building, designed in a relaxed but elegant tone this is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a nice celebration with friends. The menu has been thoughtfully created and many of the items can be purchased from Fallon and Byrnes food halls. 

Price – Expensive

Address – 11-17 Exchequer St, Dublin, D02 RY63, Ireland

8. Two Pups

While this tiny cafe doesn’t sell a huge amount of food what it does offer is a good selection of ever-changing coffee and pastries sourced from local providers. Two Pups is an interesting collaboration between small and enterprising business owners. 

There are a few other businesses that occupy the same space as the cafe, a couple of vintage boutique stores selling their wares, and a hairdresser. The collective was creative as an inclusive space for small businesses to thrive, support and benefit from each other. 

What Is It? – A small cafe with local coffee and treats that is located in a shared environment. The coffee is stocked exclusively from local Dublin Roasters and the cupcakes and brownies are also are provided by Dublin based businesses. 

Why People Love It – The coffee is good and it has the unique opportunity to browse and purchase through vintage clothing and purchase items while you sip your latte. The treats are tasty and you may also enjoy tasty soup supplied daily by the Soup Dragon, another Dublin based company.

Price – Average

Address – 74 Francis St, The Liberties, Dublin 8, D08 KA43, Ireland

9. Sprout & Co

This place is wholesome and healthy with products sourced from their very own farm. You can’t get much fresher than that. The people at Sprout and Co are so passionate about providing locally sourced quality products that they decided to make their own. Everything they cultivate is organically grown without the use of any pesticides. 

Sprout and Co are on a mission to change people’s minds about fast food and want to show that just because it’s fast it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. They believe that by growing their own organic produce it creates a fresher better flavor in their menu items. 

What Is It? – Fresh, local and organic food served in a build your own buffet-style setting. Along with the build your own bowls there are selections of pre-created healthy salads, breakfast food, and vegan options.

Why People Love It

Why People Love It – The Sprout and Co restaurant location is light, bright, and airy and just screams freshness. You almost feel healthier simply by walking into this place. Add to that the fact that the staff is dedicated to providing you with great-tasting, quality food and its a winner all round. 

Price – Average

Address – 19 Exchequer St, Dublin, D02 EN26, Ireland

10. Green and Bean Cafe

The Green and Bean Cafe is located in the Brown Thomas lifestyle store in Dublin and touts itself as the perfect place to stop and grab a drink or a bite to eat when you are ready to take a break from shopping. 

Green and Bean offer a surprisingly extensive menu when it comes to coffee and other beverages. Enjoy everything from a standard latte to an Irish coffee, to Earl Grey Tea. If you are feeling like something a bit healthier then choose from one of the cold-pressed raw juices. 

What Is It? – An instore eatery that offers great snacks, sandwiches, teas, and coffees. There are some specials on the menu that are local favorites and chef Johnnie Cooke draws on his experience with Spanish and Californian cuisine to create great compositions. 

Why People Love It – It is relaxed yet with a clean and healthy ambiance. With a light and bright decor of white marble and tile interspersed with fresh-looking greenery, it creates a green and organic vibe. An excellent place to nip in to for a glass of wine or something fizzy.

Price – Above Average

Address– 88-95 Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

11. Eathos

The folk at Eathos are dedicated and passionate about bringing you great food that has been created from the highest quality ingredients. This eatery and patisserie want to bring you food that makes you happy. Their highly trained staff has created a menu of diverse flavors that showcases their creativity. 

Menus are separated between breakfast and lunch and there is even a special menu dedicated entirely to their patisserie. Eathos is particularly focussed on making sure you enjoy what you eat and they place emphasis on providing dishes that have a Middle Eastern flair. 

What Is It? – A fabulous local and friendly eatery with a Middle Eastern twist. Breakfast is available daily and there is a protein counter that you may select items from. The food is freshly prepared every day and uses fresh natural ingredients.

Why People Love It – The patrons of Eathos love the preservative-free high-quality food that is served up at this modern boutique style establishment.

Many different dietary requirements have been taken into account with a good number of the menu items being vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. There are also some non-dairy items up for grabs. 

Price – Average

Address -13 Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4, Ireland

12. Avoca

Avoca is another eatery on this list that is located inside a department style store. Avoca covers 7 levels in the heart of Dublin and offers its patrons the opportunity to buy many different items from clothing to food.

Descended from a 1700’s weaving mill this successful business created candles, soaps, clothing, and food items. There are now a total of 12 locations and Avoca has won a good number of awards over recent years and has been listed by Vogue as one of the best 100 shops in Dublin. 

What Is It? – This delicatessen and coffee shop boasts a selection of drinks and foodstuffs that may all be purchased from the store. Artisanal creations from home and abroad is their tagline and the menu does not disappoint. Sample spiced Italian sausage, Tuscan soup, and free-range rotisserie chicken. Pair with coffee, fresh tea or sample one of the red, white or sparkling wines.

Why People Love It – You can buy what you eat. Customers eating at the cafe can make purchases of their favorite foods in the shopping area at Avoca. It is the perfect place to take a break from spending money, relax and enjoy a tasty snack or a drink.

Price – Above Average

Address – 11-13 Suffolk St, Dublin 2, Ireland

13. Honest to Goodness

The aim of Honest to Goodness is to create food that is as fresh and flavorful as possible with the minimum of fuss or unnecessary ingredient. Leaving you with a meal that is simply delicious and healthy. To guarantee maximum freshness everything is made and baked in-store daily. 

This cafe offers breakfast and lunch and at weekends has a special brunch menu for its guests. In addition, there is a nice selection of coffees, juices, and smoothies to sample. If something stronger is what’s needed then there are also wines and craft beers available.

What Is It? – A healthy eaterie with great menu choices created from quality ingredients. The chefs at Honest to Goodness have added their own signature flair to the dishes offered to create unusual items like crayfish salad and banana and egg pancakes.

Why People Love It – It’s healthy fresh food with an eclectic twist. On top of the standard menu choices, there are also daily specials available for something a bit different. Honest to Goodness has received several positive reviews from publications such as the Food and Wine Magazine and Irish Times. 

Price – Average

Address – 12 Dame Ct, South-East Inner City, Dublin 2, Ireland

14. Green Bench Cafe

Not to be confused with the Green and Bean Cafe. The Green Bench Cafe has become somewhat of a local hipster favorite. Even their website looks hip and ultra-modern. Its menu is small and selective with a sampling of breakfast food, gluten-free and non-dairy options.

Green Bench serves breakfast up to 11 am then switches to a lunch menu. Fresh ingredients are used with no preservatives and anything not made or baked on the premises is sourced from local producers. 

What Is It? – A small eatery with freshly prepared food that is great for grabbing a coffee or a sandwich on your way to the office. It has become a popular establishment and somedays the queue for the freshly prepared food can be seen stretching along the street front.

Why People Love It – The location is great, the food is fresh and preservative-free and the staff is attentive and helpful. They will strive to get your food prepared and have you on your way as soon as possible. Green Bench Cafe has been featured in the Irish Times and on Lovin Dublin. 

Price – Average

Address – 18 Montague St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2, Ireland

Final Words

This is just a sample of the wide variation of food choices that are available in the city of Dublin. There are many more to choose from and with the rising need for different food choices, there are many establishments that have incorporated different dietary requirements into their menu.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or require a gluten-free or dairy-free dish, many of these food establishments will create dishes that cater to your needs. While not all of them are exclusively plant-based they do lean towards using healthy or organic ingredients, many use food that is locally sourced or preservative-free. 

All of them strive to create a food experience that is wholesome, flavorful and healthy. 


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