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BEST Greek Restaurants in Dublin

9 BEST Greek Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin has been gaining popularity in recent years for its array and offerings of international foods and upscale dining establishments. Welcoming a variety of cuisine, flavors, and restauranteurs that have arrived from all over the world and made Dublin their home. A quick walk around the city will provide you […]

best pizza restaurants dublin

15 BEST Pizza Restaurants in Dublin

Is there anything better than a slice of good pizza? We don’t think so! This delectable food staple has become one of the most popular choices for dinner worldwide. Pizza is the perfect meal to go with a night in front of the TV, a get together with friends, or […]

quirky and unusual restaurant on dublin

14 Best Quirky and Unusual Restaurants in Dublin

Any chance you want to play arcades and feed on vegan fares? Sit in a Hong Kong subway and have a ‘Peking Duck’? Or dive in an opulent art-deco bistro and taste award-winning cocktails? More than a typical dining experience, “Over in Ireland” takes you on an unconventional foodie’s venture.  […]

picture of cheap places to eat dublin

15 Best Cheap (and Cheerful) Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Europe to eat; it is a fact. With a 3rd of Ireland’s population living in the 3rd smallest county, prices have naturally inflated. Yet, with half of the people being under 25-year-old, feasting might be much cheaper than many think. With […]