Is Dublin Safe for Tourists?

With over 9 million visitors per year pouring into Ireland there is no doubt that it has become a popular tourist destination. Many tourists come to see the beautiful scenery, the coastal drives, experience the rich history, or simply to discover their own heritage. 

Many of the visitors to Ireland shores will head for the capital city of Dublin. This historic and amazing city houses treasures such as Trinity College, The Book of Kells and is home to some of the oldest pubs in Ireland.

Dublin is safe and welcoming to visitors but as with most cities, it is wise to take some simple precautions to ensure that you don’t run into any issues. If you are planning a trip to Ireland soon and Dublin is on your lists of places to see then read on for tips to keep you and your family safe during your travels. 

is dublin safe

Is Dublin a safe city? 

The answer is generally yes. Ireland has a tradition of being friendly and welcoming to tourists and Dublin does its best to uphold the tradition.

Don’t be surprised if the local Irish folks stop you for a chat or offer to buy you a pint if you happen to be patronizing one of the many local pubs. 

As with most larger cities, there is an element of crime in Dublin but it tends to be of the non-violent variety such as car theft or pickpocketing.

If you are a tourist you may look a bit out of place so it is best not to tempt fate. Try and travel in a group or with one or 2 family members. If it is later on a night then pay for a cab ride or Uber to get you back to the hotel. 

Some parts of the city are riskier than others, especially to the northern areas so check the areas that you are planning to visit to make sure that you do not inadvertently stray into any not so nice parts and limit the amount of cash and valuables that you are carrying with you. 

Is Dublin safe to travel alone? 

This can depend greatly on who you are and where you are. For example, if you are a local Irish person that’s familiar with the areas then you will be relatively safe. If you are a tourist and an obvious one, you may be at greater risk in some parts of the city.

In the more populated areas of the town, you will be safe walking around shopping or going from pub to pub. Using public transportation will also be a pretty safe option for getting to where you want to go.

If you are heading a little further out of the city or to less desirable parts of it then traveling alone may not be the safest bet. 

Stick to the daylight hours if possible or use taxis or Uber to travel in and out of these areas to limit your exposure. Try to blend in and not look too touristy and again consider the amount of cash you need to have on your person and only carry what you need. 

Is Dublin safe for a solo female?

In Irish culture, women are generally free to come and go as they please. There is no stigma attached to a woman going out on a night by herself or even popping in the local pub for a drink alone. 

The culture of Ireland places importance on treating people correctly and being hospitable. Meaning that if a solo woman encountered harassing behavior the chances are that someone would step-in. 

Women are commonly treated as equals or one of the boys even in pubs and bars and should any woman be the recipient of an unwanted behavior or uninvited male attention this is quite commonly regarded as rude or inappropriate by way of traditional Irish values. 

Over the years many newcomers have arrived and made Ireland their home who may not share the same views or have as much respect for women but the local Irish definitely are a chivalrous lot so a woman alone should not fear for her safety.

Some common-sense rules apply the same as they would in any other large city. If traveling home late at night, opt for a taxi rather than walk and avoid any remote or unlit area to reduce any risk. 

Is North Dublin safe?

If you read any number of articles on the internet they will most likely tell you that South Dublin is nice and North Dublin is not so nice. This is in fact quite a general view. The areas are varied and neighborhoods in both regions can vary in terms of pleasantness and safety for visitors.

In plain English, there are good and bad areas in both North and South Dublin. North Dublin does have a bit more of a stigma so if you are concerned about traveling to that part of the city then do a bit of research before you decide to travel.

Many of the North Dublin neighborhoods have a reputation for being a bit rough but that said there are several that have cleaned up over the years. The once much-maligned neighborhood of Finglas, for example, has had a renaissance in recent years and become a desirable place to live. It is now touted as a large suburb with a village feel.

Is Temple Bar Dublin safe?

Temple Bar is a hotspot for Dublin’s locals and tourists in the past few years. This lively area contains some of the best bars, restaurants, live music, and the best restaurants in all of Dublin. It has become somewhat of the cultural capital of the city. 

Situated on the River Liffey south bank this popular area is a few blocks of winding, cobbled streets with boutiques, bars and eateries crammed in. This is also the area that attracts musicians and artsy types with a total of 3 theaters in the area it is a great place to see a show.

By day you can stroll around and enjoy the markets, buskers, and museums in the area. There is a the National Photography Museum and the Film Institute that people may visit. Or just sit at one of the many cafes and enjoy a drink and a snack while watching the world go by.

After dark Temple Bar becomes Dublin’s main party area with people coming out to enjoy the bars and music on offer. In the early evening, many families with children can be seen walking about the area. 

Due to all this activity and a large number of people in evidence, no matter what time of the day or night it may be, this serves to keep the Temple Bar area one of the safest in the city.

Due to the sheer volume of folks and the popularity of the area, there is usually a visible police presence there which serves to keep Temple Bar even safer still. 

Are there any Area’s to avoid?

While it may not be necessary to avoid there are some areas where it may be prudent to not go to them unless you absolutely have to.

Some areas of Dublin that are in transition or have been experiencing some gentrification over the past few years.

The best thing to do if you are traveling alone or feel unsafe is to ask around once you are in Dublin and see if there are areas you should avoid.


As with most large European cities, it is wise to use your own judgment and common sense when visiting different areas and neighborhoods, especially if you are to be out after dark.

There is always increased safety in numbers so traveling in small groups where possible is always advisable. 

As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of crime in Dublin is non-violent but keep a sharp lookout for pick-pockets especially if you are in a busy area or attending large events filled with crowds such as concerts or similar events.

Many tourists have returned home to find that they are minus cash or credit cards so place wallets carefully and be extra vigilant. 

Should you be going to any parts of the city that you are not familiar with try and read up on the location first or ask your hotel’s concierge or reception staff to provide you with some information and guidance before setting out to get a feel for the location you are visiting. 

The basic safety rules and common sense apply when traveling around, but all in all, Dublin is a very safe city for tourists to spend time in. 


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