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ireland driving tips
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15 Tips for Driving in Ireland You NEED to Know!


 After driving thousands of miles in Ireland, I know the stress that comes from thinking about driving a car in a new country. With over 9 million people each year visiting the country of Ireland, it is safe to say that many people will be experiencing the same types of […]

celtic symbols
Ireland Facts

19 FASCINATING Celtic Symbols and Their Strange And WONDERFUL Meanings


 You have probably seen many of them without even realizing or noticing. Some you would instantly recognize as Irish, the shamrock, the Celtic knot, and the harp all have their roots in Irish Culture. Some are not as easily identified but yet still have their place and deep-seated roots in […]

featured-image-of-20-Things-to-do-in-Antrim - causeway
Things To Do, Travel Tips

55 AMAZING Things To Do In Ireland


 With over 10 million people visiting Ireland this year, there is no secret; the Emerald Isle is a magic land brimming with unique wonders, authentic heritage, dazzling sceneries and good-natured people. A country that offers some of the planet’s most untamed and hushed countryside, the longest coastal road in the […]

is dublin safe
Dublin, FAQ's, Travel Tips

Is Dublin Safe for Tourists?


 With over 9 million visitors per year pouring into Ireland there is no doubt that it has become a popular tourist destination. Many tourists come to see the beautiful scenery, the coastal drives, experience the rich history, or simply to discover their own heritage.  Many of the visitors to Ireland […]

how to drink guiness
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How to Drink Guinness Properly


 With 1.8 billion pints sold every year, a presence in 150 countries and 49 breweries, Guinness does not need an introduction anymore. Instead, let’s delve into the essence of the ‘black stuff’ and learn how to master the perfect pour. Success does not come without passion; Guinness is no exception. […]

how much to tip in ireland
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How Much Should You Tip in Ireland?


 Many visitors will arrive on Ireland’s soil from the USA as many Americans can trace their ancestry, roots, or family back to the Emerald Isle.  As most people know, tipping is a way of life in the USA but is that the same in other places. As it is customary […]

Best Healthy Restaurants in Dublin

14 Best Healthy Restaurants in Dublin


 As people have evolved and understood some of the detrimental effects of mass food processing there has been a growing requirement for healthier eating establishments.  If you are visiting Ireland’s capital city of Dublin and want to make sure that you are keeping your food choices healthy then some of […]