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unusual doors in ireland
Things To Do

20 WEIRD and UNUSUAL Things to Do in Ireland


 If you are looking for bizarre and weird experiences, what about a country where goats are crowned kings, Leprechauns have legal protection, and a magic road pulls your car uphill? From Celtic legends to haunted grounds, curing wells to holistic gardens, Ireland does not lack mysterious tales. Despite the History […]

picture of northern ireland at night
Things To Do

20 Things to do in Northern Ireland at Night


 Every night, far and wide, the Earth reveals its wildest side. The sounds of the fauna awaken together with the hominid letting go. Here, Northern Ireland revamps itself to offer you the best of both worlds. From paddling the river under the moonshine to a burlesque show in a prohibition-styled […]

ireland driving tips
Travel Tips

14 Tips for Driving in Ireland You NEED to Know!


 With the increased availability of travel options in recent years the tourism trade has boomed worldwide. Now people from over the world travel to different countries to experience cultures, see famous monuments, and view scenery that differs from their own. With over 9 million people each year visiting the country […]

picture of guiness best Souvenirs from ireland
Travel Tips

17 Best Souvenirs to Bring from Ireland


 A trip is not really a trip if you don’t bring something from it. Ireland has plenty of things that look and feel Irish at first sight and are a perfect souvenir to bring from a visit. From the expensive handcrafted artisanal souvenirs to the mass-produced kitsch ornaments, there is […]