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10 Best Pilgrimages in Ireland


 With a designated National Pilgrim Paths Day, over 3,000 holy wells and a Pilgrim passport, Ireland is undoubtedly a spiritual land with lots of places to see and do The number of Irish saints exceeds 150 and, most of them take the place of honour each year. Thousands of Christian […]

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13 Most Romantic Places in Ireland


 Ireland has long been regarded as a country of poetry, eloquent speakers, and romance,  with famous poets and authors such as W.B. Yeats and James Joyce being well-known sons of the Emerald Isle. Maybe it’s because of these masters of the written word, or perhaps it is because of the […]

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Best Monasteries in Ireland You NEED To Visit


 A large part of Ireland’s history is inextricably intertwined with religion. From early settlers to present day Ireland has a long, and sometimes not always easy, relationship with different belief systems. No wonder then that there are so many examples of churches, abbeys, monasteries and other religious buildings throughout the […]