13 Most Romantic Places in Ireland

Ireland has long been regarded as a country of poetry, eloquent speakers, and romance,  with famous poets and authors such as W.B. Yeats and James Joyce being well-known sons of the Emerald Isle.

Maybe it’s because of these masters of the written word, or perhaps it is because of the windswept coastlines and rugged landscapes contained throughout this dramatic country,  that Ireland’s connection with matters of the heart has become legendary throughout history.

So where are the most romantic place in Ireland? Keep reading to find out the best places to stay and visit.

Ireland and Romance

Stories and tales abound throughout the history of this fascinating country and it holds many tales of star crossed lovers or mismatched partners. Lovestruck couples running away to be together, defying parents of noble blood, or sometimes even meeting their doom simply for the chance to be with each other.

It’s no wonder with that kind of history that Ireland has earned a reputation for being a country of love and romance. Each year hundreds if not thousands of visitors descend on Ireland to propose, make wedding plans, or tie the knot.

There is no shortage of locations to choose from. This country holds spectacular areas of the amazing scenery that will offer the perfect backdrop for a wedding or proposal.

Dramatic castles and stately homes are in abundance and can provide the perfect venue. Not to mention the historic cities and picturesque towns that can be the perfect romantic location.

Romantic places to stay in Ireland

Perhaps you are newlyweds seeking a honeymoon location, or maybe you have been married for a while and are seeking a romantic getaway. Ireland is the perfect place for you and has excellent locations for you to visit. Try one of these suggestions for your escape.

#1 Adare Manor

Undoubtedly one of the most impressive and stately homes in all of Ireland is the famous Adare Manor. This stately home was designed to impress, and it certainly does that. Situated on over 840 acres of pristine rolling parkland this stunning property is steeped in Irish heritage.

Dating as far back as the 1720s the home was designed to mimic the grand houses and soaring cathedrals found in Europe. It has undergone extensive design and renovation efforts to make it into the spectacular property it is today.

Everything in the home has been thoughtfully constructed on a grand scale and it contains rooms that echo its European counterparts such as The Gallery which is based on the Hall of Mirrors found in Versailles.

The estate is located on the River Maigue and the nearby village of Adare completes the picturesque surroundings with its traditional Irish pubs, quaint thatched cottages and local shops. Enjoy the French Gardens, rolling countryside, and even a golf course at this splendid property.

The home has been converted into an award-winning upscale 5-star hotel so you may stay for a weekend or a honeymoon in one of its opulent and individually designed rooms of suites.

If you want more privacy then you can rent one of two luxury cottages that are situated on the estate grounds not far from the main house.

#2 Finn Lough

What can be more romantic than gazing up at the stars with your loved one? Well, now you can do it from the warmth and comfort of your own home.

The bubble domes at Finn Lough are purpose build pods situated in the forest that provide clear views of the surrounding trees and nature through their transparent walls that provide you with 180-degree  views of your surroundings.

Situated in the beautiful Enniskillen area of Northern Ireland these unusual and purpose designed pods offer a way to immerse yourself in your surroundings and enjoy the tranquil forest. While the living area of the pod is transparent, creating a feeling of being inside nature.

From inside the heated dome, you can enjoy the experience of sleeping under the stars from your own heated pod. Each of the 7 domes is completely private and the unusual accommodation has even been featured in Hello! Magazine.

There is no wifi as the domes are designed to provide a detox from the stresses of everyday life, but all other amenities have been provided to create a warm and comfortable environment for your stay.

#3 Mount Juliet Estate

Over in Kilkenny, you can experience the stunning hotel and gardens of Mount Juliet Estate. Pick a room in one of the 2 restored buildings and surprise your loved one with a weekend that’s tranquil yet full of style.

This sprawling country estate was originally started in the 1750s and has seen many additions and renovations over the years. It boasts many high-end features including a world-class golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus for those that wish to work on their game while staying at this luxury location.

Every amenity and detail that you could imagine has been included to make your stay as luxurious and tranquil as possible. All of the rooms are decorated and equipped to an incredibly high standard and to complement your romantic weekend or getaway.

There is an onsite award-winning spa and health club that offers an array of facial treatments, massages, holistic therapies, and packages to help you relax and unwind during your stay.

Whilst staying at the Mount Juliet Estate treat yourself to a hand-prepared gourmet meal or sample one of their famous afternoon teas laden with delicacies and served daily.

Nibble on petit-fours, macaroons, and sip from a selection of fine teas. There is even a specially prepared children’s afternoon tea for the kids to enjoy. For those that prefer outdoor pursuits, there are plenty of areas to stroll around the estate, go fishing or even try your hand at archery or falconry.

Trained personnel will guide you through the experience and provide you with all the information you need to know while trying your hand at a new pursuit or pastime.

#4 Clontarf Castle

Nestled in the picturesque countryside just outside the bustling capital city of Dublin is Clontarf Castle. The structure dates back to the 1830s but has been much modernized over the years and is now a fully operational luxury resort and hotel.

The surrounding location was a key site in Irish history and has had a castle situate on the land all the way back to the 1100s. Over the years it has stood derelict, operated as a cabaret venue, then finally after being restored to its former glory was re-opened in 1997 as the hotel it is today.

The location has been frequented by some famous guests and referenced in literary and musical works. Visitors to Clontarf Castle today are welcomed by the original restored gatehouse and sweeping driveway to the grandiose main building.

The rooms are luxuriously appointed with every effort made to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance for guests. Rooms range from standard, deluxe rooms all the way up to high-end luxury suites.

There are several dining options on site that include the Knight Bar, The Indigo Lounge, and even Gourmet BBQ. A concierge will be on hand to provide advice on local area activities, places to visit and other attractions.

If you are a lover of the outdoors then you could try clay pigeon shooting or horse riding. Whatever your choice the concierge will be able to provide you will all of the information you will need.

Days out in Ireland for couples

Once you have planned your trip to the Emerald Isle and selected a place to stay from one of the many hotels, luxury resorts, castles or other options. You may decide that you and your partner would like to spend a romantic day together. Here are a few options to select from.

#5 Dún na Rí Forest Park

Located in County Cavan this 565-acre park runs alongside the River Cabra and makes up part of the Cabra Estate which included the well known Cabra Castle.

Dun na Ri forests ‘Romantic Glen’ is an area that is steeped with legends, local history and tales of folklore. It has been the site of ancient Irish kings leading the battle and Norman soldiers heading to war.

The lush area features wide and varied plant life, many species of trees and plentiful wildlife such as red squirrels, grey squirrels, rabbits, and mink. Several walks are popular through the area and lead visitors through the forest to some of its unusual features.

During walks, hikers may see the Ice House, a holy well and Cromwell’s Bridge. There are also old castles ruins in the area and Sarah’s Well and Bridge are key locations. This is a perfect location for a romantic day out with your spouse while staying in Ireland.

None of the walks are very taxing making for an idyllic and pleasant stroll through lush vegetation. There is also a duck pond and walled garden at the site for visitors to enjoy.

#6 Whale Watching

image of Whale Watching

If the sea is calling to you then take the opportunity to get out on one of the available whale watching boat trips and spend a day along the coast of Ireland admiring the whales. There are a few areas of the country that offer trips but mainly center around the Dingle Peninsula and County Cork.

Trips are of varying length and operate much of the year round though the type and species of sea life that you can see will depend on the month that you go.

The waters around the Irish coastline were designated as a whale and dolphin sanctuary in the early 1990s and as such enjoys an abundance of dolphin and whale species that come to feed or migrate through the area.

Visitors planning to set sail for the can expect to see dolphins, Minke whales, sharks, sunfish, Humpbacked whales, and other breeds. The sun, sea and spray not to mention the chance of seeing a basking shark or breaching whale can make for a romantic excursion for married or dating couples. Make sure to take your camera!

#7 The Cliffs Of Moher

image of cliff of moher

The dramatic and impressive Cliffs of Moher have been previously mentioned on several blogs throughout this website but they are getting a mention on this post too as there is simply no denying that these rugged and awe-inspiring cliffs will be a romantic day trip destination for your and your partners.

The cliffs rise silently from the sea and reach heights of almost 700 feet in places. They are so picturesque and appealing that they attract tourists from all around the world that come to marvel at their beauty and enjoy the spectacular views from the top across the oceans and County Kerry.

A walk across the cliff reveals the abundance of birds and wildlife that are supported there. Kittiwakes, gulls, puffins, and birds of prey can all be spotted during a stroll along one of the cliffs pathways. Sharp-eyed visitors may be able to spot a dolphin in the waters or see basking sharks.

So dramatic is the striated lines of rock that create the cliffs, it has been used as a backdrop for several major motion pictures. The most notable is the Harry Potter series that used the Cliffs of Moher as the backdrop for the culmination of one of its popular films.

Best places to go in Ireland for couples

Ireland has a wide choice of busy cities, seaside towns, and countryside villages to visit so when deciding where to go can be a bit overwhelming. So you do not feel completely spoilt for choice we have listed a few choice destinations here for you to try.

#8 Dublin

image of dublin

Could there be a better place for couples to go on a romantic break than Dublin? We think not. Enjoy this vibrant city with its sights, sounds, and smells. By day it’s a thriving city filled will travelers or business people.

By night it is transformed into a friendly haven with a warm local pub on every street corner, traditional Irish music, and good food. Some of the hot spots that you and your partner should try are The Brazen Head pub – the oldest in Dublin and also claims to be the oldest in the entire country of Ireland.

The Woollen Mills, which serves food all day and is situated in one of Dublin’s most iconic buildings and serves up great food, coffee and traditional Irish menu items like Irish steak or Bangers and Mash with gravy made with Guinness.

While staying in the city you can experience the Dublin Discovery Trails. A series of 2 hour walks that wind through some of the cities most historic sites and iconic buildings.

Learn about Dublin’s history, heritage and folklore on these walks and pass such notable locations as The Trinity College and Kilmainham Gaol.

#9 Waterford

image of Waterford

Located on the southeast of Ireland and originally settled by Vikings the city of Waterford has done much to keep its history and heritage alive. Touted as Ireland’s oldest city and now known for producing the popular Waterford Crystal.

The origins of the city date all the way back to 850 AD. The name Waterford originated from old Viking language and there is still an area of the city known as the Viking Quarter.

Visitors to the city come to enjoy the ancient history and architecture and enjoy scenery of the coastal harbor with its impressive array of building that line the waterway.

There are several historic towers in the area for visitors to view that were once part of the original city walls. Reginald’s Tower is the most popular among visitors and contains fine examples of Viking jewelry and other artifacts.

If you are staying in this unique area take the time to stroll along the Copper Coast with its sandy beach trails and impressive cliffs. The coast was named after the mining industry that was prevalent in the area and is now a UNESCO Geopark. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the Ice Age.

#10 Dingle

image of dingle

This small and romantic town situated on the Dingle Peninsula on the southwest coast of Ireland is not to be missed. It is the only town located on the peninsula and provides a glimpse into what life was like in Ireland during days gone by.

This is a colorful and welcoming place described by locals as the best place on earth. With such a lofty claim the town is certainly worth a visit and couples wanting to explore the popular Dingle Peninsula would have a good base in this lovely town.

The area is steeped in Irish tradition and folklore, and the views from the Dingle Peninsula are nothing short of spectacular. Take a walk along the cliffs and get whipped by the wind and spray for a breathtaking experience.

The town itself, as small as it is, boasts a huge variety of restaurants, pubs, pubs, and eateries. In fact, Dingle has over 50 pubs and over 8o restaurants that all cater to locals and the booming tourist industry.

If you fancy tasting some traditional Irish food, experiencing the local music and sipping a pint of Guinness there will be no shortage of places to choose from here.

Romantic places in Ireland to Propose

Literally hundreds of people a year make their way to the Emerald Isle with a ring in their pocket to pop the big question. As there is no shortage of scenic locations in this beautiful country, where would be the best place to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage?

We made a comprehensive list of best places to propose in Ireland here, but this a shortlist of ideas:

#11 The Dark Hedges

image of The Dark Hedges

If you are seeking a touch of the dramatic to add atmosphere to your proposal you won’t get much more impressive than the famous Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. You may want to pick your moment as this is not only a tourist spot but many people come here each year to pop the big question to their intended.

The area is made up of 150-year-old trees that line the road and lead up to an old manor house. The goal was to create an impressive entryway to the home and over the years the trees have grown over the road and their intertwined branches have grown together to create a dark canopy above the road.

It looks so dramatic and surreal that several scenes from TV series and major movies have been filmed here. The most recent being HBO’s hugely popular Game of Thrones series.

It does create a memorable backdrop for a wedding proposal and any pictures taken to commemorate the occasion will look impressive due to the natural form of the trees.

#12 Blarney Castle

image of Blarney Castle

No visit to Ireland is complete without a trip to the famous Blarney Castle which has now become almost synonymous with the country. This is the castle that house the stone which, according to legend, will give the gift of the blarney, or eloquent speaking, to anyone that kisses it.

A task that is easier said than done as would-be kissers have to walk to the top of the castle and hang over a drop almost backward in order to plant their lips on the famous stone.

No easy task but if the legend is true maybe that is why Ireland has produced so many poets, authors, playwrights and other notable folks that could be said to have the ‘gift of the gab’.

There are many proposals held in, on, and around Blarney Castle. Yearly a number of visitors and tourists will get down on one knee to ask the age-old question of marriage.

With the castle set in quite unspoiled and beautiful surroundings, there are plenty of locations in the area where you could set a romantic marriage proposal.

#13 Ashford Castle

image of ashford castle

Another castle to check out is the stunning and spectacular Ashford Castle. This award-winning and beautiful location actually specializes in creating the perfect proposal for its guests with the option of various romantic areas to choose from.

The rooms are tastefully decorated and you may select from a range of standard guest room or if you want to spend a bit more you can book a luxury suite. Everything you need is here including an onsite spa and gorgeous grounds for you to take a short romantic stroll before popping the question.

As Ashford Castle specializes in helping couples to organize their wedding proposal day, staff will be on hand and ready to help with anything you need to create your perfect day. The historic buildings with property lake and sprawling estate grounds will all help set the tone for you to ask the big question.

Most Romantic Places in Ireland Conclusion

As Ireland has so many towns, cities and areas of outstanding natural beauty, the choices of where to stay, where to visit, or where to propose seems to have no end of options.

This list provides a few of the best suggestions for you to consider but if you want more information a quick internet search will supply many other options.

Or browse some of the other pages on this website for write-ups and reviews of areas, buildings, and regions.


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