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pic of Kilkea Castle
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18 HAUNTED Irish Castle That Will SPOOK You!


 Given that the country of Ireland has a history spanning back for centuries it is not surprising that there are many stories of legends, and hauntings. Ireland has a large wealth of old buildings with historic ties to ancient lands, clans, and families. Today we will examine some of the most haunted castles of the Emerald Isle and find out […]

picture of the brazen head oldest pub in ireland

What is the oldest pub in Ireland?


 The history of Ireland spans back centuries, Ireland or The Emerald Isle as we know it was first settled in 4000 BC, right around the time of the first Stone Age. After the first settlers arrived and began farming the fertile land, the culture evolved over many centuries to form the country we […]

Do Irish People Speak Gaelic?

Do Irish People Speak Gaelic?


 Learning a couple of words in local languages is one of the more fun parts of traveling. When it comes to Ireland, that means learning to say something in Gaelic. However, some people might wonder whether they need to, because most of the communication in Ireland happens in English. Plus, […]

dingle beautiful beach in ireland
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BEST Beaches in Ireland – 20 CAN’T MISS Spots


 If you are looking for breathtaking countryside, rugged cliffs, rocky headlands, and stretches of sandy beaches then Ireland has it all to offer. The Emerald Isle’s ever-changing and dramatic landscape provides magnificent views and breathtaking scenery. With literally thousands of miles of coastline surrounding the entire island, there is a great selection […]

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8 Top Movies Filmed in Ireland


 Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is an untamed place of unrivaled beauty, towering mountains, rugged cliffs, and impressive terrain.  With its historic stately homes, ancient castles, monastic ruins, miles of coastline, and green lush landscapes.  It is easy to see why Ireland is a natural choice for filmmakers in the movie industry, seeking unique, spectacular […]

expensive part of ireland

Why Is Ireland Expensive?


 Ireland sure is a lovely country to visit, but many who do so find it very expensive. And they’re not alone. People who live in Ireland are well aware that consumer goods and services in their country are significantly more expensive than the EU average. There are very few countries […]