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picture of male drinking in ireland

Drinking Laws in Ireland: 9 Things You Need To Know

With Guinness producing 3 million pints a day, 25 whiskey distilleries spread across the country and about 7,000 pubs, alcohol is definitely part of the Irish culture.   What’s the legal drinking age in Ireland? Can you drink in public spaces? Can you buy alcohol any time of day? When […]

how to drink guiness

How to Drink Guinness Properly

With 1.8 billion pints sold every year, a presence in 150 countries and 49 breweries, Guinness does not need an introduction anymore. Instead, let’s delve into the essence of the ‘black stuff’ and learn how to master the perfect pour. Success does not come without passion; Guinness is no exception. […]

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14 Best Quirky and Unusual Restaurants in Dublin

Any chance you want to play arcades and feed on vegan fares? Sit in a Hong Kong subway and have a ‘Peking Duck’? Or dive in an opulent art-deco bistro and taste award-winning cocktails? More than a typical dining experience, “Over in Ireland” takes you on an unconventional foodie’s venture.  […]

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15 Best Cheap (and Cheerful) Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Europe to eat; it is a fact. With a 3rd of Ireland’s population living in the 3rd smallest county, prices have naturally inflated. Yet, with half of the people being under 25-year-old, feasting might be much cheaper than many think. With […]

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12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Dublin

With a two-week celebration for the Year of the Pig, a ‘Wild Lights’ experience honouring the Central Kingdom and an unofficial Chinatown on Parnell Street, the first Viking settlement affords an exquisite fusion with the Orient. For many years, in Dublin, Chinese feast rhymed with curry eats. The growing ethnic […]

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10 Best Pilgrimages in Ireland

With a designated National Pilgrim Paths Day, over 3,000 holy wells and a Pilgrim passport, Ireland is undoubtedly a spiritual land with lots of places to see and do The number of Irish saints exceeds 150 and, most of them take the place of honour each year. Thousands of Christian […]

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20 AWESOME Things to Do in Antrim

Known in the North as the ‘Glens,’ Antrim brought God to Saint Patrick, discouraged a Scottish giant and was the main home to Game of Throne. A fascinating background that made us wonder what was so spectacular. Northern Ireland hides some of the most magnificent sceneries in the world, but […]

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How To Wear a Claddagh Ring + 20 INTERESTING Facts

Symbols have defined humans’ emotions and character for millenaries; tattoos, jewellery, even emoji are all used for self-expression. How did, then, a Roman ring become one the most iconic attribute of Ireland? Despite its vast directory of genius poets, idyllic landscapes, legendary fairy-tales and enchanting Celtic rituals, Ireland does not […]

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9 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Drone in Ireland

9 Essential Tips for Traveling with a Drone in Ireland and How to Avoid Persecution Preparing to travel with a drone is a cultural journey itself as each government has its own regulation. The Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and Rockets Order S.I. 563 of December 2015 has stated Ireland amongst […]