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The history of Ireland spans back centuries, Ireland or The Emerald Isle as we know it was first settled in 4000 BC, right around the time of the first Stone Age. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

After the first settlers arrived and began farming the fertile land, the culture evolved over many centuries to form the country we know today. Many buildings in Ireland date back to ancient times, and have a rich history. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

None older than some of the local pubs known as an \u2018Inn\u2019 or a \u2018Tavern\u2019 in days of old. These buildings were commonplace and some have survived many centuries and are still standing today. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

But what is the real question we wanted to know is: what is the oldest pub in Ireland?<\/em> Sean’s Bar in Athlone is officially the oldest pub in Ireland. However, it is not without some controversy because the Brazen Head bar in Dublin also claims to be the oldest pub in Ireland.<\/strong><\/p>\n\n\n\n

We will explain this controversy more in detail, as well as show you why Sean’s Bar is the clear winner of the title.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Oldest Pubs in Ireland<\/h2>\n\n\n\n

Over the years Ireland has almost become synonymous with pub culture. The residents of Ireland are famous for imbibing and brewing traditional Irish whiskey as far back as anyone can remember. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

Owing to the Irish love of the strong stuff\u00a0there\u00a0have been many pubs, inns, and drinking establishments built in the country over the years. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

These are welcoming places for people to meet, socialize, and enjoy good food, good beer, and good company. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

Many of the pubs in Ireland are hundreds of years old, but some of the oldest:<\/p>\n\n\n\n