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Dublin\u2019s vicinity offers some of the world\u2019s wildest playgrounds \u2014a land rich of experience for daredevils, history buffs, Literati, and calm-seekers.<\/p>\n

In this Dublin day trips guide, we show the more than 200 places to visit on a day-trip from the capital city. Indeed, Monastic remains, Megalithic sites, and medieval castles are spread all over the woodlands and villages that encompass Dublin. Its ideal location also offers views of some the most pristine natural places of the country.<\/p>\n

The following day-trips are maximum 2.5 hours away and reachable by public transport or car. Plan your route with Dublin Bus here.<\/a>\u00a0Head to\u00a0Busaras Station for Bus Eireann and to\u00a0St Stephen’s Green for Saint Kevin’s bus.\u00a0Connolly will be your main DART and regular Railway Station.<\/p>\n



20 Scenic Hiking Trips<\/u><\/h2>\n

Walking is a great way to escape from the crowd, reconnect with Nature, discover a country\u2019s gems and stretch the legs. Hikers will be thrilled by the 20 following routes.<\/p>\n

From 5 to 10km?<\/strong><\/h3>\n
  1. Fairy Castle Loop<\/strong>, 5.5km of forest road with views of Dublin. Bus 44B to Ticknock, Dublin Mountains.<\/li>\n
  2. Howth Cliff Path Loop<\/strong>, 6km with views of the Irish Sea and Dublin Bay. DART Train to Howth.<\/li>\n
  3. Two Rock Mountain Loop<\/strong>, hiking the slopes of Kilmashogue Mountain\u00a06.5km, Bus 44B to Ticknock, Dublin Mountains.<\/li>\n
  4. Tramline Loop<\/strong>, 7km with views of Lambay Island, Dublin Bay, and Ireland\u2019s Eye. DART Train to Howth.<\/li>\n
  5. Bray Cliff Walk<\/strong>, 7km of a coastal path with views of the\u00a0Irish Sea and the Wicklow Mountains. DART Train to Bray.<\/li>\n
  6. Derrybawn Woodland Trail<\/strong>, 8km passing beside the Poulanass Waterfall, through the valley and the beautiful Oak Forest. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Glendalough.<\/li>\n
  7. Maulin Loop from Wicklow Way<\/strong>, 8km forest-walk with scenic views including the Powerscourt Waterfall. Dublin Bus 44 to Enniskerry.<\/li>\n
  8. The Great Sugar Loaf-Kilmacanoge Loop Walk<\/strong>, 8km round way to the summit and astonishing panoramic views. Dublin Bus 145 to Kilmacanoge.<\/li>\n
  9. Black Linn Loop<\/strong>, 8km with spectacular views of Dublin Bay from the cliff and wildlife spotting. DART Train to Howth.<\/li>\n
  10. Spinc and Glenealo Valley<\/strong>, 9km including an ascension nearby the Poulanass Waterfall, 600 stairs to enjoy the Upper Lake vistas and a walk through the Glenealo Valley. St. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Glendalough.<\/li>\n
  11. J B<\/strong> Malone Memorial Loop<\/strong>, 9km starting at Balinastoe Wood Car Park. This trail is a tribute to one the most significant Irish hikes avant-gardists. St. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Roundwood. Add 5km from the village to the car park.<\/li>\n
  12. Vale of Clara<\/strong>, 9km surrounded by oaks, birches, and pines and following the Avonmore River. Bus Eireann 133 to Rathdrum.<\/li>\n
  13. Glendalough Loop<\/strong>, 10km in the Glendalough Valley and the Wicklow Uplands. St. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Glendalough.<\/li>\n<\/ol>\n

    Feeling more adventurous? 10 to 20km routes<\/strong><\/h3>\n
    1. Spinc and the Wicklow Way<\/strong>, 11km passing Poulanass Waterfall, Lugduff Mountain and spot some deer. St. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Glendalough.<\/li>\n
    2. Hellfire Trail, <\/strong>11km to this \u201chunting lodge\u201d used for diabolical rituals. Follow Mountpellier Hill\u00a0track through Piperstown Pass and finish at Massy\u2019s Estate near the car park. Bus 61 to Rockbrook Dublin Mountains.<\/li>\n
    3. Bog of Frogs Loop<\/strong>, 12km through clifftop and hill paths, across the Baily Lighthouse and with panorama views of Lambay Island and Ireland\u2019s Eye. DART Train to Howth.<\/li>\n
    4. Lough Firrib and Arts Cross<\/strong>, 15km passing the Conavalla and Table Mountains as well as the stunning lake itself. Accessible by car only from Turlough Hill PowerStation.<\/li>\n
    5. Lugnaquilla\/ Cloghernagh Loop<\/strong>, 16km starting with the cliffs of Fraughan Rock Glen all the way to the Wicklow Way Bus to the starting point at Glenmalure Lodge.<\/li>\n
    6. Royal canal way walk<\/strong><\/li>\n
    7. Glenmalure Mullacor Hike<\/strong>, 20km in the remote part of the Wicklow Mountains. Wicklow Way Bus to the starting point at Glenmalure Lodge.<\/li>\n<\/ol>\n

      Find all the trails in the country here<\/a>, Glendalough trails maps here<\/a>, and Wicklow 7.5+km trails here<\/a><\/p>\n

      If scenic roads are your thing but you prefer riding them, then this next list if made for you.<\/p>\n

      9 Beautiful Cycling Trips From Dublin<\/h2>\n
      1. The Dodder River Greenway<\/strong>, 8.5 km from the Grand Canal Dock along the river and Bushy Park. Dublin Bus 56a or 77a. SW Commuter train.<\/li>\n
      2. From Sandymount strand to Pigeon House<\/strong>, 7.5km to reach the harbor. DART Train to Sandymount.<\/li>\n
      3. From Sandymount strand to Forty foot<\/strong>, 10km through Blackrock Park and coastal views. On arrival, if you feel brave, dip in the chilly sea. DART Train to Sandymount.<\/li>\n
      4. Phoenix Park<\/strong>, 707 hectares land, home to a herd of fallow deer, with tree-lined avenues and pastures. Being in Dublin while being away from Dublin is a great feeling. There is a 10km trail within the park.<\/li>\n
      5. Fairview to Sutton<\/strong>, 10km of flat road to enjoy the beautiful sceneries effortlessly. Start from Dublin or take the DART to Clontarf.<\/li>\n
      6. From the longest tree-lined avenue in the Northern Hemisphere<\/strong> (Griffith Av) to St. Anne\u2019s Park<\/strong>. 12km through Glasnevin Cemetery to St Annes Park, enjoy the Dublin Bay vistas and finish your day tasting the local produce of the Farmer\u2019s Market.<\/li>\n
      7. Malahide to Howth Head via Portmarnock<\/strong>, 12.5km with views of Lambay Island, Dublin Bay, and Ireland\u2019s Eye. DART to Malahide.<\/li>\n
      8. Three Rock Cycle Loop<\/strong>, the 22km start with a slope but the hardship vanishes as the spectacular views of the city come into sight. Dublin Bus 17 or Green line to Dundrum.<\/li>\n
      9. Strawberry Beds from Dublin<\/strong>, through the South part of Phoenix Park, come back via Castleknock and have a meal at \u201cStrawberry Hale\u201d or at \u201cHole in the Wall,\u201d the longest pub in length in Ireland and come back along the northern path of the park.<\/li>\n<\/ol>\n

        3 Mountain Bike Trails<\/h3>\n
        1. Ticknock Loop<\/strong>, 13km surrounded by the Three Rock Mountains and with incredible views over Dublin and its Bay. Bus 44B to Ticknock<\/li>\n
        2. Glencullen Adventure Park\u2019<\/strong>s, 13km<\/li>\n
        3. Ballinastoe Trail<\/strong>, a loop of 14km with a short ascending start and dazzling views over the Irish Sea and the Guinness Lake St. Kevin\u2019s Bus to Glendalough.<\/li>\n<\/ol>\n

          With over 110 cycling routes to explore around Dublin, leisure cyclists and rush devotees won\u2019t be missed.<\/p>\n

          Other than tramping and biking, there is a wide range of options for adventure seekers. If sports are synonymous with water, then the beach coastline, the lakes, and rivers surrounding Dublin will be your best\u2019s recreation areas.<\/p>\n

          Fishermen will again be spoilt for choice, check for permits here<\/a>. For the others:<\/p>\n

          25 Wet & Wild Water-Sport Activities Near Dublin<\/h2>\n