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Whether you\u2019re an explorer or a sightseer, a city or village enthusiast, a contemporary or a medieval lover, a beer or a whiskey drinker; Ireland will grant any of your wishes.<\/p>\n

The Emerald Isle is well known for its lush green landscapes, its wild beaches, and mesmerizing mountains. The land hosts some of the oldest sites and monuments in the world. Traditions and customs are proudly kept and celebrated each year.<\/p>\n

Here are the reasons why you can\u2019t say no to a trip to Ireland.<\/p>\n

#1 – Ireland: A Beer Shangri-La!<\/strong><\/h2>\n

Just like every good holiday, let\u2019s start this list with beer. Luckily Ireland is the beer\u2019s Promised Land.<\/p>\n

The nation has been acclaimed for its barley concoctions throughout centuries.<\/p>\n

Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on the Saint James\u2019s Gate Brewery<\/strong>, in Dublin, and focused his creation on the dark-red porter. Today, the Guinness<\/strong> Company produces 3 million pints of the iconic stout each day.<\/p>\n

The capital city also hosts other ancestral establishments such as:<\/p>\n