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The country of Ireland<\/a> has become an extremely popular tourist destination recently, with approximately 9 million visitors a year<\/a>. That\u2019s around 1.8 times the regions total population. With all that activity, can you be assured of a warm and friendly reception when you visit the country? In this article, we will find out if Irish people are as friendly and welcoming to their visitors as their reputation suggests.<\/p>\n

Are Irish people friendly?<\/em> The short answer is YES, and some even say to a fault. On arrival, visitors to Ireland will typically be greeted by the words <\/strong>C\u00e9ad m\u00edle f\u00e1ilte<\/strong><\/a>; which means \u2018a hundred thousand welcomes.\u2019 in Irish Gaelic. <\/strong><\/p>\n

It\u2019s the second-largest island of the British Isles and third-largest in Europe. Known for ancient history and lush vegetation, dramatic cliffs, and changeable weather. Irish culture and literature have had an impact all over the world and the country of Ireland is a place like no other. Irish people strive to be polite and welcoming to visitors and tourists. Going out of their way to assist where they can make you feel like one of the locals.<\/p>\n

Whether it\u2019s their relaxed upbringing, inherent kindness, or just the popular Irish belief that \u2018to make a friend, you must be a friend\u2019, visitors to Ireland can be assured of being accepted and included by the local people.<\/p>\n

So, what is it that creates such a warm and welcoming nature in the Irish people?<\/p>\n



Irish Culture of Hospitality<\/h2>\n

Known as the \u2018Emerald Isle\u2019 or sometimes the \u2018Land of Saints and Scholars\u2019. We can trace the roots of the legendary Irish Hospitality all the way back to what\u2019s known as the Brehon Laws.<\/em><\/a> A code of law and behaviour that was observed in Ireland for over 1000 years. It has been instilled and passed from generation to generation and is now inherent in Irish culture.<\/p>\n

The law obliged the Irish to provide some form of hospitality or \u2018oigidecht\u2019 <\/em>to visitors, travellers and guests. To not abide by the law was illegal and one could be fined for not meeting the requirements. It could also damage a family\u2019s reputation beyond repair. The law applied to all Irish folk, regardless of their economic or social status.<\/p>\n

Here are some typical customary traits, or expected behaviors, you may encounter when visiting Ireland.<\/p>\n