What Are The Posh Areas of Dublin?

Dublin is a major urban center where you can find some of the most upscale areas in Ireland. We’ve uncovered the poshest areas in the city for you to discover the best Dublin has to offer.

So what are the posh areas of Dublin?

  • The Docklands
  • Castleknock
  • Creative Quarter
  • Greystones
  • Stoneybatter
  • Malahide

Dublin has the perfect mix of posh city life, suburbs, or seaside getaways. Each has their own unique features. Learn more about what you can expect to experience in each location:

the docklands dublin posh

The Docklands

The poshest area in Dublin, by far, is officially called The Docklands. This area is also referred to as the “Silicon Docks,” with a large tech scene comparable to Silicon Valley in the US.

The Docklands is located along River Liffey. It’s where you’ll find many upscale restaurants and accommodations to accompany the tech professionals and entrepreneurs who live or frequent the area.

It’s attracted many successful and emerging companies. There are always new companies being established in this part of the city with the rapid development of large office buildings. With the increasing success of these companies, the Docklands has quickly developed into a “place to be” while visiting Dublin.

Its location along the river makes it the perfect place for waterfront properties. Luxury buildings and apartments separate the skyline of the Docklands from other parts of the city. It’s where you’ll find great restaurant options with incredible views while dining. Since the Docklands is a step away from traditional Ireland, you’ll come across many modern, luxury designs and architecture in this area.

Amongst some of the new or recently completed projects are Point Village (a hotel and shopping center) and the Grand Canal Harbor, which features a five-star hotel surrounded by upscale retail shops and restaurants.

There’s plenty of entertainment located in the area of the Docklands. Venues such as 3Arena, a Convention Centre, and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre are just a few of the options locals and tourists have to find a show or performance.

Pleasure boats in the Royal Canal castleknock dublin


Dublin is a modern metropolis but to see one of the more posh areas of the city, you’ll want to visit the suburb of Castleknock just 8km west of the city centre. Castleknock is a historic part of the city that is now home to many well-known figures from Ireland.

The history of Castleknock goes back before the 12th century. It has been the site of various political and religious activity during the early development of Dublin. Evidence of the neighborhood’s history can be seen in the Castleknock Castle, which still stands on the grounds of the iconic Castleknock College. It ultimately became a rural village where many people began to build luxury estates.

The most famous estate built there is the Guinness Estate, which was later purchased by the government. Original plans intended for it to be a political welcome house, but it has since become a major tourist attraction.

Castleknock is worth the visit if you’re looking to discover posh areas of the city. Amongst the history and luxury estates, you’ll find a number of restaurants and shopping venues to spend time in. Some of the largest shopping centers located here include the Castleknock Village Centre and Castlecourt Shopping Centre.

Castleknock is home to Ireland’s largest tennis facility. There are also multiple golf clubs throughout the area.

creative quarter dublin
Photo Courtesy: The Dean

The Creative Quarter

There is no more notable area of Dublin than the Creative Quarter. The Creative Quarter is part of the diverse city center where you can discover a blend of rich city life with the local Irish atmosphere.

The Creative Quarter is one of the most urban parts of the city with plenty of things to see and do. Walking around the Creative Quarter will give you a sense of being in a modern boutique atmosphere that fits right into the Irish atmosphere. It’s a hub of design, creativity, and innovation. It’s one of the best places for shopping in the city. It’s also a favorite area for people looking to enjoy the lively nightlife.

You’ll genuinely like the posh, artsy vibe of the Creative Quarter that makes it a favorite hangout spot for visitors and locals. It’s a place to go whether it’s day or night. There are always things going on.

Throughout the entire Creative Quarter, you can find modern restaurants and shopping boutiques. There’s an abundance of shopping between the Powerscourt Centre and St. George’s Mall. There are also several restaurants and cafes that line the streets of the Creative Quarter. It’s a popular destination for brunch or upscale dining.

In the night time, the Creative Quarter transforms into one of the most lively districts in Dublin. The best part about the nightlife here are the options. You can choose to visit one of the very modern bars for a cocktail or go with a small local pub for a traditional brew.

greystone dublin
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Visit Greystones if you’re looking to experience a posh area of Dublin in a more traditional atmosphere. This neighborhood is located seaside, just outside of Dublin that provides a more exclusive living experience. It’s a different way of life than the bustling city. Many retirees and vacation-goers from Dublin find themselves more attracted to Greystones.

Greystones began as a quiet fishing village. It’s bordered by the Irish Sea as well as the Wicklow Mountain to the south. The boom in this neighborhood began with the expansion of public transportation to the area. People from Greystones could now move more easily between their city escape and the capital.

Greystones has become a famous posh area of Dublin. It’s often described as an escape from the urban center to a more tranquil environment surrounded by nature. Although tourism isn’t major here, vacation rentals for seaside properties are very common. You’ll frequently see large estates and manors that sell for upwards of over a million pounds. Other destinations include upscale restaurants and cafes. Retail boutiques and vintage shops provide the perfect shopping experience for more locally-crafted items.

A unique feature about Greystones is the beach. The neighborhood has a stretch of beach of one kilometer along the Irish Sea coast. It’s a popular area for outdoor activities including fishing, swimming, horse riding, and more. There is also a second beach called the North Beach which provides a view over the Bray Head Southern Cliffs.


For a posh, residential area of Dublin, you should get to know Stoneybatter. Stoneybatter is known as a district on the rise. The hipster heartland is a gentrified part of central Dublin that has developed into a desired area to live or explore.

Because there are mainly residences in Stoneybatter, it’s not a tourist-heavy location. You can, however, discover many vacation rental in this area for a great stay in Dublin.

You’re still centrally located, being only minutes away from the city center. The second benefit is that there are a lot of options for transportation from Stoneybatter to other parts of Dublin. Public transit and metros frequently run through the neighborhood, but there are also plenty of taxis readily available.

Throughout all of the residential streets on Stoneybatter, there are many places to go and things to do, some of which are exclusively available there. You can find several historical landmarks in this posh area of Dublin including Jameson Distillery and St. Michan’s church which was built in the 11th century.

Manor Street is the main road that runs through Stoneybatter. You’ll spend lots of time along this avenue as you begin to explore all that the area has to offer. The street is lined with shopping and restaurants for dining at any time of day. It’s also the link to reach the city center.

Stoneybatter has become one of the youngest, most recent area developments into a posh area in Dublin.


While there are many areas that Dublin consists of, Malahide is one of the most affluent areas. It’s a seaside location just outside of the city that makes it a must-see place for people looking for a taste of high-class lifestyle in Dublin.

Malahide is a favorite day trip destination for people living or visiting Dublin. It can be easily accessed by train from the city in less than 30-minutes. If you can’t afford to stay at one of the many accommodations found in Malahide, at least you’ll be a short ride away.

Malahide has a few highlights that make it an excellent choice for upscale areas to explore. The Malahide Castle is a unique addition to this part of the city. The castle is open to the public to explore its grounds of several acres. There is a cafe within the castle that’s worth the stop.

The second major highlight of Malahide is its beach. It has a great location along the sea. The beach walkways are the perfect place to relax with great views. There is a large marina at Malahide where you can see private boats entering and venturing out into the sea. There are lots of restaurants that offer views overlooking this marina which serves as the perfect backdrop to your meal.

For visitors to Malahide, luxury townhouses and bed and breakfast accommodations are popular to stay. You’ll be able to take advantage of the scenic courses at the Malahide golf course during your visit.


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