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woman layover in dublin
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How to Make the Most of Your Layover in Dublin


 Any traveler can do a lot worse than have a layover in Dublin. Actually, Dublin layovers happen often because Dublin is a hub for cross-Atlantic travel. For people traveling from the United State or Canada, Dublin is often the place where their feet touch European soil first. Thanks to Ryanair, […]

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55 AMAZING Things To Do In Ireland


 With over 10 million people visiting Ireland this year, there is no secret; the Emerald Isle is a magic land brimming with unique wonders, authentic heritage, dazzling sceneries and good-natured people. A country that offers some of the planet’s most untamed and hushed countryside, the longest coastal road in the […]

pic of Kilkea Castle
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18 HAUNTED Irish Castle That Will SPOOK You!


 Given that the country of Ireland has a history spanning back for centuries it is not surprising that there are many stories of legends, and hauntings. Ireland has a large wealth of old buildings with historic ties to ancient lands, clans, and families. Today we will examine some of the most haunted castles of the Emerald Isle and find out […]

picture of the brazen head oldest pub in ireland

What is The Oldest Pub in Ireland?


 The history of Ireland spans back centuries, Ireland or The Emerald Isle as we know it was first settled in 4000 BC, right around the time of the first Stone Age. After the first settlers arrived and began farming the fertile land, the culture evolved over many centuries to form the country we […]

Do Irish People Speak Gaelic?

Do Irish People Speak Gaelic?


 Learning a couple of words in local languages is one of the more fun parts of traveling. When it comes to Ireland, that means learning to say something in Gaelic. However, some people might wonder whether they need to, because most of the communication in Ireland happens in English. Plus, […]