Irish Studies Acquired by Over in Ireland has been acquired by Over in Ireland. was the old website of The Canadian Association of Irish Studies which has since moved to a new domain that you can view here.

The Canadian Association of Irish studies is not associated to Over in Ireland.

The Canadian Association of Irish Studies served students of Irish culture for over thirty years, seeking to encourage and foster the study of Irish culture across Canada. 

Over in Ireland has a very similar vision for our website, we hope to introduce and promote Irish Culture not just in Canada, but to the entire world.

The Canadian Association of Irish Studies brings together all who are committed to spreading the knowledge of Irish culture in Canada. 

Every year, CAIS gets together at one of Canada’s great universities for a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. However, due to COVID-19, this year’s meeting has been canceled.

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Looking for Universities In Canada That Offer Irish Studies?

If you are looking to Minor or Major in Irish studies, here are the universities that offer courses that will allow you to further your knowledge of Irish history and culture:

1. University In Montreal – Canadian Irish Studies School

The Irish Studies School in Canada provides programs that cover Ireland’s rich culture and history, along with the Irish abroad, particularly in Canada. As an undergraduate student, you can either take a Minor or Major, while a graduate student can choose from several options at Ph.D. and MA levels.

Visit the website at:

2. D’Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies, Saint Mary’s University in Halifax

The Chair of Irish Studies focuses on the overall studies of every aspect of Irish-Canadian and Irish culture. The programs cover folklore, political science, language, history, and literature.

Visit the website at:

3. Celtic Studies, Ottawa University

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has a multidisciplinary Minor on offer in Celtic Studies that present Celtic culture from ancient times to modern times.

4. St. Michael’s College – Celtic Studies, at The University of Toronto

The programs that cover Celtic studies have an array of undergraduate programs on offer that includes literature, languages, music, history, archaeology, folklore, and art of the people of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Celtic Studies include a specialist program or taken as either a major or minor.

Visit the website at:

5. Celtic Studies, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, In Nova Scotia

The Celtic Studies discipline covers a variety of topics that include dance, archaeology, religion, art, folklore, literature, music, ethnic studies, and immigration, from around 800 BC to modern times. Students can pursue Celtic Studies as either an advanced major, or major, or honors. There is also the option to take the course at a graduate level which includes a Master of Arts in this category.

Visit the website at

6. Ireland Canada University Foundation

The Ireland Canada University Foundation was established in 1993 and is a non-profit organization that serves the purpose of facilitating and encouraging academic links that occur between scholars and institutions in Canada and Ireland. This Foundation operates a Dobbin Scholarship Programme that grants awards that cover short-term visit scholarships to Canadian and Irish scholars to support their research relating to Canada and Ireland. The Irish Language Programme supports the development and growth of the Irish language in Canada. The latest James M. Flaherty Scholarship Program is focused on supporting educational partnership and exchange between Ireland and Canada at the very highest levels of academia.

Visit the website at

7. The Ireland Fund Of Canada

The academic partnerships available through the Ireland Fund of Canada provides funding to Irish students so that they can study in Canada and for students from Canada to pursue their studies in Ireland. The Ireland Fund commits to preserving the Irish language along with providing funds to academic institutions offering programs in the Irish language, tradition, and culture.

Visit the website at