12 BEST Places in Ireland To Take a Selfie

If you have ever visited the country of Ireland you will already know that it possesses some of the most breathtaking and dramatic scenery in the world. If you are planning a trip be prepared to be inspired by some of the most amazing views and places on the planet.

Ireland’s wide selection of unique landscapes, historic buildings, and ancient cities will provide some of the best locations for you to take impressive selfie shots. There are no end of photo opportunities if you are a blogger, Instagrammer, or just an aspiring photographer.

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Here we have compiled a list of some of the best sites for you to get those original selfie shots. These selections will give you some of the most spectacular and picturesque backgrounds to use for your photos and provide you with enviable pictures to use on your social media.

1. Killarney National Park

Picture of Killarney National Park

Just outside the town of Killarney and on the foothills of the McGillycuddy Reek, the highest mountain range in Ireland, lies the vast and beautiful Killarney National Park.

Covering an area that spans over 26000 acres this park contains rolling hills, dramatic landscapes, woods, waterfalls and lakes as well as an array of plant species. These will provide you with a great variety of great backdrops for your selfie pics. The park is a UNESCO site and has a host of oak wood and yew trees along with other species.

If you go at the right time you might also get to spot one of the red deer that live in the park and are unique to Ireland. At the heart of the park there is a 19 Century mansion which will also provide several interesting backdrops for your selfie photos.

2. Glenveagh National Park

Another national park you may want to venture into on your travels is the Glenveagh National Park. This park covers over 39000 acres in the Derryveagh Mountains and is a rugged and unspoiled example of Ireland’s natural countryside.

The park is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and a day walking around some of the park trails should provide ample selfie opportunities. Glenveagh Park was originally a privately managed deer forest before being turned into a park in 1975, and provides a great place for people to relax, stroll and enjoy the scenery.

At the center of the park is 19th century Glenveagh Castle, which is a structure that was originally built as a hunting lodge. Use the historic castle and wide open spaces to capture impressive selfie shots and display some of Ireland’s most unspoiled country scenery. The castle gardens will also provide a pleasing background for photos.

3. The Dark Hedges

Picture of The Dark Hedges

If you wish to add a touch of the dark and dramatic to your selfies then head to County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Once there you will find one of the most photographed, visited, and painted spots in the entire county.

The Dark Hedges is a road lined with Beech trees that were planted by the Stuart family in the 1700’s. The scene was meant to impress visitors that were coming to Gracehill House, the Stuarts residence. There are around 150 trees in total and over the past 200 years or so have grown to into an arching canopy of twisted and intertwined branches that forms a roof over the road.

It is so impressive that it has been a sought after location for filming several television and movie scenes. Most recently it was used for scenes in the popular Game of Throne series. This impressive natural phenomena provides an incredibly stunning view and makes for great selfies.

4. Skellig Michael

Picture of Skellig Michael

It’s not just for Jedi Knights! Skellig Michael was featured in Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and has become known among the locals as ‘Star Wars Island’ due to its inclusion in the films. Originally a home to a 6th century monastery this small island can only be reached by sea.

It is  characterized by large, rugged cliff peaks and a collection of beehive style stone huts that were inhabited by the ancient monks. It is a remote and peaceful place that is now inhabited mainly by the resident Puffins that have been there as long as anyone can remember. As remote and isolated as it is, Skellig Michael has become a popular day trip destination for tourists.

When visiting you should have ample opportunity to take your selfie shots in unspoiled and isolated locations around the island. It is so out of the way that many people will never get to visit, giving you the chance to get some unique shots for your Instagram page.

As the island is quiet small it gives great opportunity to select scenes depicting lush, green cliffs or sparkling blue seas for your photo backgrounds.

5. The Rock of Cashel

Picture of The Rock of Cashel

In County Tipperary there is a historic and imposing castle, once home to Kings, that will provide an unmatched location for your selfie photos. Also known as St Patricks Rock this was the home of the Kings of Munster around the 1100’s and houses an impressive collection of Celtic art.

The Rock of Cashel is a collection of several medieval buildings and is one of the most visited tourist spots in the Emerald Isle. Visitors from all over the world come to see the ancient stone buildings and marvel at the architecture. It has been used as a filming location for films and television series, most recently the ‘Sister Fidelma Mysteries’.

This ancient and dramatic area will provide hundreds of opportunities for selfies that just ooze with character and history. Using elements of the unique and intricate architecture will make a great background for photos. If you are there around sunset the light and shadows play off the buildings and can be used to create almost surreal compositions.

6. The Ring of Kerry

Picture of The Ring of Kerry

This amazing circular route provides photo opportunity upon photo opportunity. This long and winding path through the Irish countryside stretches for over 100 miles past fields, along cliffs, beside coastlines, and over hills.

It is visited by people from all over the world that come to walk, hike, and ride the famous trail. It will take you past some of the most amazing and scenic places in the country and there is no shortage of photo spots to pick from along the way.

Keep your camera or cell phone at the ready as there is almost too many places to take pictures on this breathtaking journey. Some of the more popular visitor favorites are Ross Castle, Muckross House and Gardens, and the gorgeous beaches of Rossbeigh, Ventry and Derrynane. If that’s not enough to keep your camera busy there is also a whole host of manor houses, old chapels, parkland, and lakes.

If your time in Ireland is limited the Ring of Kerry will provide the maximum photo opportunities in the shortest space of time. In fact, you will most likely be struggling to decide which shots to take as there are so many picturesque views and sights to choose from.

7. Glasnevin Cemetery and House

Picture of Glasnevin Cemetery

One of the oldest cemeteries in Dublin and the final resting place of over 1.5 million people, some of them famous Irish celebrities and dignitaries. However, Glasnevin Cemetery is anything but morbid. It sits on gorgeous park-like grounds covering over 124 acres and contains a historic Victorian garden.

Tours are available daily to teach the history and heritage of the location. Walk up the O’Connell tower, the highest round tower in Dublin at 180 feet, and experience breathtaking views of the city. Walk through the graveyards and see historic graves and tombs and learn the stories of the famous people buried there that helped shape the country of Ireland.

The well maintained grounds have many varieties of trees and plants that provide lovely splashes of color during the spring and summer months, and offer peaceful areas from which to snap a few reflective selfies.

8. Newgrange

Picture of Newgrange

If ancient and mysterious is the look you are going for then head down to Newgrange in Boyne Valley, County Meath, located to the east of the country.  This stone age monument dates back over 5000 years and was built by ancient stone age residents.

The neolithic mound covers an area of approximately 1 acre and is older than the Egyptian pyramids at Giza and Stonehenge. Newgrange was originally thought to be a passage tomb but has more recently been identified as having spiritual, astrological, and cultural significance, similar to that of an ancient temple.

The front of the structure is covered with 97 stones, known as kerbstones which are decorated and adorned with megalithic carvings dating back hundreds of years. Visitor access is by organized tour only but the public may visit the mound and go inside to the chambers.

For one of the most dramatic photos possible visit the location at dawn during the winter solstice when the interior chamber and passage is lit up by the winter sun. The mound was constructed with an opening to let the sun in on short winter days and light up the chamber.

The event has gained popularity over recent years, and many people assemble to witness the illumination which lasts around 20 minutes. Keep your camera or cell phone at the ready as there is only limited time to capture the sight, but what a great selfie you will have to show your friends and followers!

9. The Cliffs of Moher

Picture of The Cliffs of Moher

Another Irish favorite that has been used in movie productions is the Cliffs of Moher. Hardly surprising when you realise that these dramatic and rugged cliffs stretch for a distance of 8 miles and reach heights of over 700 feet.

Visitors come to Ireland the year round and make their way to County Clare to view the famous landmark that has been declared a UNESCO site. The area was recently used to shoot dramatic final scenes in one of the Harry Potter films.

The Cliffs of Moher are a breathtaking example of Ireland’s unique and rugged landscape. It doesn’t matter if you are on top of the cliffs or at the bottom, the views from either angle are impressive. The cliff face is made of rocky, striated stone ridges reaching upwards to remarkable heights, and the views from the top are just as stunning.

Light plays off the crags and hollows of the rocky cliff’s face and will provide a wonderful background for your selfies. As the light changes during the day, so does the type of picture you can capture. This is a place worth spending a whole day at not just to take your selfies but to enjoy the ever changing views.

10. The town of Cobh

Picture of The town of Cobh

When you have had you fill of ancient monuments and sweeping scenery take a day to visit the charming seaside town of Cobh in County Cork. This pretty town is built on a hillside in Cork harbor and is just a short distance from Cork city.

Cobh was the point of exit for millions of Irish immigrants leaving the country during the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. The town is not very large but it is characterized by a pleasing array of pastel colored homes that line the streets. When viewed from the harbor it creates a view that’s reminiscent of the colored homes of Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

Originally called Queenstown it was the last port of call for the Titanic before it embarked on its disastrous maiden voyage across the Atlantic. The town is now the location of a busy cruise port.

The city has plenty of local history and heritage and offers tours and walking trails. But it’s the painted houses lining the narrow streets that give Cobh its charm and appeal. The lovely colors just beg to be photographed and you are sure to get some very pleasing selfie shots in this peaceful town.

11. Sean’s Bar

Ireland is famous for its friendliness to visitors and inherent pub culture so no visit to the country is complete without visiting the oldest pub located in the town of Athlone. There is some dispute as to which pub is actually the oldest and there are certainly more than a few historic taverns to pick from.

However, Sean’s Bar has historical records dating it back to 1198, making it the oldest bar in the country; a fact verified by the Guiness Book of Records.
The establishment was originally known as Luainn’s Inn and was situated on a section of the Shannon river where travelers would cross the running waters. No doubt popping inside the Inn for refreshment before or after their journey.

The Inn was originally constructed with a sloping floor as the river would often flood and this help the water to flow out of the building. So next time you are in Ireland pop in and buy a Guinness and get some super photos of yourself sharing a drink with the Irish locals.

You can also get some shots (no pun intended!) of the old interior and a pic with the resident barman who has been working at Sean’s for over 35 years.

12. Giant’s Causeway

Picture of Giant’s Causeway

Probably the most well known attraction in Ireland and a location that has become synonymous with the country itself, Giant’s Causeway is a sight to behold. Located in County Antrim this spectacular natural area was created by a volcanic eruption millions of years ago.

The Irish version of events is that two giants that lived in the area hated each other so much that one of the giants built a path to Scotland. The path was ripped up by his enemy resulting in the creation of the Causeway. Whichever way it happened, this UNESCO site if possibly one of the most wonderful natural creations in the world.

The basalt columns are hexagonal in shape and approximately 40000 of them line up together to create Giant’s Causeway. The geology and geometry of the place will provide stunning selfie backdrops for you to use.

As the light moves throughout the day, so the landscape changes, affording you multiple chances to get fantastic photos for display on your social media pages.

A final piece of advice

There is no doubt that Ireland provides hundreds and hundreds of places that will provide you with stunning background and scenery for your selfies.

So much of Ireland has spectacular and picturesque characteristics that it is impossible to list all of them. Suffice it to say that wherever you go in the country there will be opportunities to take amazing photos, so always keep your camera or cell phone at the ready.


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