Best Places To Get Engaged in Ireland – 12 Romantic Proposal Ideas

If you are planning on popping the big question and getting engaged sometime in the near future, and haven’t thought about exactly where you’re going to do it, you may want to take a look at the dramatic countryside of Ireland.

As a country that is famous for its writer’s authors and poets, there is hardly a better place where which to propose to your partner.

Choose from one of the many romantic locations where you can set the stage and ask for his or her hand in marriage. There are simply a ton of spectacular places where you can get down on one knee and propose to your partner in this amazing country.

So where are the best places to get engaged in Ireland? In this article we will take a look at stunning parks, romantic castles, and windswept cliff tops. All places where you can visit or stay while you pop the big question.

engaged in ireland

1. Glendalough Park

Picture of Glendalough Park

The County of Wicklow provides one of the best parks in the entire country of Ireland. This stunning and unspoiled park is nestled on the hills of the Wicklow Mountains and its landscape was fashioned by glaciers all the way back in the ice age. Glendalough Park provides many beautiful views and possibly proposal settings among its rolling hills and trails.

The park covers an area of over 49000 acres and features many rare species of plant and animal life including the Peregrine Falcon and wild orchids. Known as ‘the Valley of the Two Lakes’ there is an ancient monastic site that was founded by St. Kevin all the way back in the 6th century which provides a historic and tranquil location.

The site is an extensive monastic city that includes ancient towers, a cathedral, and churches.There are also a number of scenic walks, a waterfall, and even a footbridge that will provide an interesting location to ask your partner the big question.

2. Howth Head

If your inspiration comes from the literary greats then Howth Head near the city of Dublin is most definitely the place for you. Ireland is known for its writers and poets and this area features in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. It was here in Howth Head where the character Leopold Bloom proposed to his future wife Molly.

The region is a peninsula that offers amazing views across the Dublin Bay and is characterized by rolling hills and stunning vistas. The Peninsula has many cliff walks available and there is a lighthouse in the area.

Howth itself is a small village that features a bird sanctuary, a 19th century Martello Tower,  and the remains of a 15th century Castle with a gorgeous rhododendron garden. The entire peninsula features many lovely spots which would be perfect to set the scene for a romantic proposal.

3. Ballyfin Demesne

Ballyfin Demesne is an impressive stately home that has since been converted into a luxury five-star hotel and, in the past, has been the residence of many notable people throughout history. It is a beautiful and historic building that will provide a gorgeous backdrop for any proposal of marriage.

The house features magnificent state rooms, a large library, and a French gold drawing room inspired by the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors. To add a little bit of intrigue the conservatory can be reached via a secret door in the library. The home features many paintings and portraits from various famous Irish and other artists.

The outside of the home is renowned for its 614 expansive acres of park like gardens. Featuring natural and man-made areas the garden contains follies, a lake, and a restored Edwardian rock garden. Ballyfin Demesne is a historic and elegant location where you can ask for your partners hand in marriage.

4. The Cliffs of Moher

Picture of The Cliffs of Moher

These rugged cliffs are undoubtedly one of the most rugged and dramatic landscapes in the entire country of Ireland. The craggy Peaks reach impressive heights exceeding 700 feet, and the entire range stretches for miles and miles. Giving you many suitable options of places to choose from where you can carry out your marriage proposal.

The Cliffs of Moher provide breathtaking and awe inspiring scenery and are so visually impressive that they have been featured in several film productions. Most recently one of the Harry Potter productions.  The cliffs, in addition to being a popular movie location, have been being designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark and features a wide array of plants and animal life.

It is also a favorite place among birdwatchers that come to see the many species of birds that inhabit the cliffs. This would be the perfect scene to create a dramatic and memorable wedding proposal.

5. Rossbeigh beach

Picture of Rossbeigh beach

Ireland is well known for its host of pristine beaches that cover its extensive and diverse coastline. There are many spectacular beaches to choose from in all areas of the Emerald Isle, and who doesn’t love a romantic ocean side proposal?

However, for one of the best experiences the stunning Rossbeigh Beach should be high on your list of picks. It is a blue flag beach situated on the famous Ring of Kerry, close to the town of Glenbeigh. This beach offers miles of superbly maintained strands and sparkling blue ocean views. It is a popular beach both with the locals and tourists alike.

During the day many people ride horses along the beach adding a touch of the wild and untamed to the overall scenery. Rossbeigh Beach with its beautiful setting, will provide a romantic location for any proposal event.

6. Adare Manor

Another popular stately home to consider for your wedding proposal setting is the resplendent Adare Manor. Dating back to the 1700’s this was a true Manor House and the area is one of unmatched natural beauty. The home sits on the banks of the River Maigue and was designed on a grand scale to impress visitors.

One of the most renowned rooms is the Gallery, stretching to over 126 feet long and featuring 26 foot high ceilings. The estate covers an area in excess of 840 acres and contains beautiful gardens, mature trees, and trout rivers. The grounds even play host to some of the famous Irish Ogham stones. The stones date back to the 5th and 6th centuries and feature ancient inscriptions.

Adare Manor is a top class luxury resort featuring a golf course, wedding events, and has its own Spa on site. It is a spectacular and impressive building and was recently awarded hotel of the year. This is a perfect spot to propose if you want to add a touch of class to the proceedings.

7. Lakes of Killarney

If you are the outdoor type and are seeking a more natural setting for your proposal of marriage then consider the stunning Lakes of Killarney. The area is characterized by three large Lakes, Lough Leane, Muckross Lake & Upper Lake which are surrounded by the Macgillycuddy reeks, an extensive Irish mountain range.

The area provides many pretty locations and the ‘meeting of the water’s’ is a beautiful place where all of the three Lakes converge and provide a peaceful and serene location. The impressive Ross Castle is nearby, a 15th Century Building that belonged to an Irish Chieftan. The castle sits on the banks of the Lower Lake and can be toured during the day.

There are many walking and cycle paths available in the area and boat tours operate throughout the day so you can see the lakes at their best. This stunning region of mountains, lakes, and inspiring natural beauty will provide the perfect spot for your proposal of marriage to your partner.

8. Garnish Island

Bantry Bay in County Cork is home to one of the most popular and visited gardens in the entire country of Ireland. It is accessible only by sea and has the unusual feature of sustaining its own micro climate, quite a rare occurrence.

The Italian Gardens are a popular tourist attraction so finding a quiet spot to pop the question may be a little challenging, however the areas stunning beauty an the wide range of flora and fauna should more than compensate for that small detail. Due to the micro climate the gardens sustain species of exotic plants and flowers that would not normally grow in this region.

There are also several featured structures contained within the area. A Grecian temple, an Italian temple, and the Martello Tower built-in 1805. Not to mention various other structures and even a tea room on site. If you would like to take a short walk and venture to the top of the tower it will provide you with stunning views of Bantry Bay and it may be the ideal spot to pop the question.

9. Bubble Domes at Finn Lough.

The Bubble Domes at Finn Lough have gained in popularity over recent years and had their fair share of wedding proposals occur there. So if you are looking for something a little different and eco-friendly this could be the spot for you.

The Bubble Domes are man made transparent spheres placed in a natural wooded area. The domes contain only the living and sitting area of the structure, the sleeping areas are attached and private. Enjoy sitting in your Bubble Dome and enjoy unspoiled panoramic views of the surrounding woods and forest and feel like you’re almost inside nature.

At night you can gaze at the stars. This is glamping at its best and is a trendy location option, possibly for the more adventurous among us, but it offers an original and unique option for those looking for somewhere a little unusual to propose.

10. Bellingham Castle

Situated just 45 minutes from Dublin this medieval Castle sits in the heart of the town of Castlebellingham in County Louth. This historic venue provides a spectacular setting for wedding proposals. It is situated on 17 acres of land with beautiful park and woodlands areas, and overlooks the river Glyde.

Bellingham is a castle for hire and has featured many society weddings throughout history and performs many ceremonies today in the home and grounds. It prides itself on providing the perfect spot for your big day then offers a host of options for couples looking to tie the knot. The spectacular venue also offers rooms for guests that are exquisitely decorated and provide a high level of luxury.

The rooms may be booked by the night, and all are individually designed and furnished to an extremely luxurious level. This might just be the place for a romantic weekend getaway and subsequent proposal of marriage.

11. Ashford Castle

Picture of Ashford Castle

Another Castle that is made it on to our list is the popular and luxurious Ashford Castle. This one gets an honorable mention as not only is it a beautiful locations, it actually specializes in providing romantic settings for couples to stage their proposal.

There is a wide selection of romantic settings available both inside the castle and around the grounds and the staff are on hand to help with anything that you made need. The castle features a sprawling estate with a wide range of activities and has its own Spa. Perfect for pampering and relaxing before the big event.

For your stay you can choose from a selection of beautifully decorated rooms, suites, or even a private cottage that is situated by the lake on property. Any of the choices will provide a stunning and memorable experience.

12. Giants Causeway

Picture of Giants Causeway

It may seem a little predictable as it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire country of Ireland. It has become synonymous with the country itself, but the natural phenomena that is the Giants Causeway offers a virtually unsurpassed and natural location in which to have your wedding proposal.

The region was created by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago which turned the landscape into the thousands of hexagonal shaped basalt columns that make up the famous causeway.

There are many trails and walks around the area, and a wide selection of sites to choose from. All of which will be a romantic and dramatic setting for you to ask your partner the big question.


That concludes our list of ideas for proposal locations. Ireland as a country is famous for its authors, poets, and eloquent speakers, so it’s no wonder that the reputation for charm, love, and romance has grown over history.

The ever-changing scenery of the countryside itself lends itself to romance, with beautiful, unspoiled landscapes in many areas. Whichever location you choose you can be sure of a romantic experience that you and your partner will remember for years to come.!


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