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ireland criminal record

Can You Travel to Ireland With a Criminal Record?

Can You Travel to Ireland With a Criminal Record? Traveling to foreign countries, Ireland included, with a criminal record can sometimes be risky. If you’re not sure about your rights and the country’s rules and regulations, as well as how they work in practice, going back home without ever entering […]

friendly irish people

Are Irish People Friendly?

The country of Ireland has become an extremely popular tourist destination recently, with approximately 9 million visitors a year. That’s around 1.8 times the regions total population. With all that activity, can you be assured of a warm and friendly reception when you visit the country? In this article, we […]

posh areas of dublin

What Are The Posh Areas of Dublin?

Dublin is a major urban center where you can find some of the most upscale areas in Ireland. We’ve uncovered the poshest areas in the city for you to discover the best Dublin has to offer. So what are the posh areas of Dublin? The Docklands Castleknock Creative Quarter Greystones […]

skydiver in ireland

Where to Skydive in Ireland?

Skydiving is an exciting sport and an awesome vacation activity that allows you to feel a surge of pure adrenaline through your body on a free fall towards Earth. At speeds of up to 200 km/h, this is an experience you will never forget! Also known as parachuting, skydiving is […]